Things are getting simple on 24: Legacy following the terrorist attack. The second half of the season begins with only two actual stories. In the first, Carter enlists Andy to help him save his wife and brother while also stopping Jadalla. In the other, Rebecca calls an old friend to help interrogated Henry. And that friend is Tony Almeida!

If you’re hoping for a full, detailed backstory explaining how Tony went from being in jail to helping the former head of CTU, don’t hold your breath. Also, don’t expect a lot of entertainment since most of this episode is just people driving to different places.

Carter and Andy’s Suicide Mission

Carter grabs Andy and tells him that Jadalla has kidnapped his wife and brother and wants someone who can fix the flash drive. Carter proposes that Andy come with him and destroy the drive so the terrorists can’t activate the 14 other sleeper cells, even though it would almost certainly be a suicide mission for them. Somehow Andy agrees to sacrifice himself for the greater good, but he gets to say his goodbyes to his ex-boyfriend, Agent Locke, first.

Locke suspects something’s up and follows them. When he learns their plan he tries to stop them, but is tied up by Carter. After Andy finishes his secret computer virus to destroy the flash drive, he and Carter go to meet Jadalla.

At the meeting, Nicole and Isaac are released and drive away while Carter and Andy are taken into Jadalla’s custody. It goes pretty smoothly, except for the fact that Jadalla tells his men to go find Nicole and Isaac and kill them before they get to CTU. It’s a rather uneventful conclusion to the fact that Nicole and Isaac were only held captive for about an hour.

Tony Almeida’s Return

Following the bridge explosion, Rebecca wants to use enhanced interrogation on her father-in-law, Henry, to get him to talk. To do this she calls up a friend of hers: Tony Almeida! Allegedly Tony and Rebecca briefly dated after the death of his wife, Michelle Dessler, but that makes zero sense. The day Michelle died, Tony’s death was faked and he joined up with a terrorist group, infiltrating it to find the man behind Michelle’s death. During that time the only people who knew he was alive were the terrorists, plus Bill and Chloe.

Then on Day 7 he returned, but by the end of that season he was arrested and sent to jail. After eight years he planned an escape, as shown in a special feature from the 24: Live Another Day DVD. So unless Tony dated Rebecca while he was undercover between seasons 5 and 7 or after he broke out of jail, it doesn’t line up.

Anyway, CTU releases Henry and he’s promptly abducted by Tony’s team. They take him back to their base where Rebecca is waiting. Tony’s right-hand woman, Sidra, doesn’t trust Rebecca from the start. Eventually John learns that his father is missing, so Rebecca tells him that she needed to try something different. She agrees to bring John to the black site.

Like with Carter and Andy, nothing really happens with Rebecca. Henry gets moved from one place to another, but the enhanced interrogation doesn’t even begin and Tony doesn’t do much besides looking older with a lot of grey in his hair.

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