Castiel has been a longtime fan-favorite on Supernatural for a lot of reasons. He’s kind, he’s hilarious and he’s one of the most standup guys on the show (most of the time). But there’s one reason we all like Cas in particular that we need to pay close attention to. Cas is the awkward angel inside all of us. It’s hilarious to watch him in social situations where he makes a fool of himself and says the wrong thing. But when you think hard about these moments, you’ve totally been in his exact position. Castiel is all of us. Let’s look at some of the most awkward moments our poor angel has been through that we’ve all been though too.

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1. Trying to Sound Cool

SPN Assbutt Awkward.gif You ever hear the latest slang and you’re not quite sure what it means? Then you try and use it casually in a sentence, only you completely butcher it and the sentence you’re saying it in doesn’t even apply? Yeah. We’re with ya, Cas.

2. Getting Turned on in Public

Castiel watches porn.gif This exact problem that Cas had while watching porn with the Winchesters hopefully isn’t as relatable, but we’ve all had the heat turned up inside us when someone mind-blowingly hot enters the room. Let’s try to have more composure than Castiel.

3. Comforting Your Friends When They’re Sad

Cas it will be fine SPN.gif Sometimes, your friend’s predicament is so bad that you can’t even keep your poker face when they’re crying on your shoulder. You just know that they’re royally screwed. Still, you try your best to be there for them, even if they’re rolling their eyes and now want you to just leave.

4. Not Getting Pop Culture

Cas pop culture.gif There are way too many memes and videos to keep up with these days. People around us are quoting things that we have no idea about. Who is Daniel? Why are we cursing him? Why are people throwing up rainbows on their phones?

5. Trying to Play It Cool

Castiel Plays it Cool.gif When you’re trying to walk into a club that you have no business being in, tensions can get high in your own head. Try and be as slick as Cas is, but just make sure you have a partner like Dean there to back you up.

6. Showing Your Age

SPN Coffee.gif It’s not important to get into where you were during big historical events if you can tell that the person you’re trying to hit on is substantially younger than you. They have no idea what you’re talking about and cannot relate to it.

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7. Trying to Be a Party Host

Castiel twister.gif What do we do when the conversation is lacking at our event? When the food has run out and the drink cups are dry? Busting out the party game where everyone basically has to grope each other may be the best idea or the worst. In Cas’ case, he ended up playing by himself.

8. Hugging a Friend You Never Hug

Castiel hugs.gif You’ve got to keep a good gauge on what type of friends you have. Some show their emotions for you, with others you’ll have an unspoken understanding. Jumping over to fully embrace a friend that you’ve never shaken hands with may not play out very well.

9. Overstepping on Someone’s Personal Space

Castiel boops.gif If hugging a friend can be awkward, how about putting your fingers on someone’s face who you’ve barely just met? We’re all for breaking the ice and getting comfortable with each other, but we’ve all either been the Cas or the Kevin Tran in this situation. Neither side is very fun.

10. Making Suggestions to Deal with Troubled Times

Castiel drinks.gif Have you ever suggested something outrageous to a group of friends, only to have it basically shut down by the deafening, never-ending sound of silence? Read the room before you pick the next event.

11. Trying to Make Amends

Castiel sandwich.gif Apologizing to someone is always an awkward ordeal. There’s just no way around it. However, everyone in the world gets happy when they see free food prepared for them. Castiel actually may be a genius for this one. I’d forgive someone for anything if they brought me a sandwich.

12. Correcting Someone and Being Wrong

SPN Cas Wabbit season.gif Sometimes you feel really confident that you’re right and just have to correct a friend on something they said. You feel so good about it, like you’re the smartest one in the room. Finding out that you were actually the wrong one is the absolute worst. Switch subjects immediately.

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