What would Supernatural be without the Impala? While it might have been just as compelling of a story, it would have been missing something special. Yes, it’s a car, but it’s not only a car. It’s Baby!

Supernatural Season 11 Episode 4 is titled “Baby” and told from the point of view of the Impala. The phrase “if walls could talk” is very applicable here in regards Supernatural‘s Impala. All the tales and secrets that vehicle could reveal.

In honor of this special episode, we are taking a look at some fun facts about the Impala throughout the series through interviews with those involved with the series.

#11 First Sighting of the 1967 Impala in the Supernatural Pilot

Supernatural Creator Eric Kripke on decision to include the Impala on the show and its legacy, “I never imagined any of this, but it’s one of the things I’m most proud of. When I was a kid, my favorite show was Knight Rider. To me, KITT was the bomb and when I pitched Supernatural, one of the things I talked about was that no show had a car as a main character any more, but they all used to– like everything from Dukes of Hazzard to Hardcastle and McCormick showed cars were the thing. Shows don’t do that anymore, so I really wanted to introduce the Impala to bring back the idea that a car could be a main character, a trademark of a show. I’m so proud that it’s so become the trademark that no one in the rest of history will look at that model of Impala and not think of Supernatural and that brings me a lot of pleasure.

#10 Hero 1 Impala

Jeff Budnick, Supernatural’s Car Coordinator, explained that the Hero 1 Impala is the best of all their cars and used just about every day. They have eight total Impalas, plus one more that the show just bought in Nebraska. Budnick drove down and personally picked it up.

#9 Hero 1 Impala Engine

The Hero 1 Impala has a 502 Big Block 550 Horsepower Engine. The Hero 1 is their only one with a factory air conditioner. The other Impalas used during filming have fake air conditioning. – Budnick

#8 The Price of the 1967 Impala has Skyrocketed due to Supernatural

When Supernatural first started, the 1967 Impala was valued at about $500. Due to the popularity of this model by fans of the show, the price is now $5,000 or more. Budnick will buy Impalas in rough condition for parts. He has a warehouse full of Impala parts for repairs when needed.

#7 Weapons in the Trunk

The props department is responsible for supplying the weapons when needed to fill the trunk compartment. – Budnick

#6 Season 1 Impala

The Impala used in Season 1 was junked and can occasionally be seen as junk in the background of scenes. Jensen Ackles shared pictures of it during filming Supernatural Season 11.

#5 Eight Impalas Used to Film “Baby”

All eight of the show’s Impalas were used to film the episode, “Baby.” Budnick had to crash the car for the beginning scene and then put it all back together. It took a lot of work to repair the vehicles after the episode including cleaning blood out of the carpets, replacing 5 headliners which were ripped during filming, and a dashboard was cracked.

#4 Cutaway Impala

One of the Impalas regularly used for filming is a “cutaway car” to allow for different camera angles. The roof, front, back, floor and all the doors come off to allow for more camera shots and ease in filming.

#3 Borrowed Impala for “Bloodlines”

Supernatural Season 9 Episode 20, “Bloodlines,” was a potential spin–off series filmed in Chicago. Budnick said that it was too difficult to get an Impala shipped from Vancouver for the shoot in Chicago, so they rented a perfect replica created by fan Rick Blevins.

#2 The 200th Episode – “Fan Fiction”

Supernatural Art Director John Marcynuk said that creating the stage version of the Impala was challenging because initially their version looked too good for a high school play. They made adjustments, including the floodlights as an added touch.

#1 The 200th Episode Celebration Cake

The Impala has been such an important part of Supernatural that the cake for the 200th Episode Celebration was shaped as the front of the car with lights and all.

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