The CBS drama NCIS is entering season 13 and that mark puts it in some very rarified company. Very few television shows have lasted this long and even fewer are still near the top of the ratings list so late in their run. One of the ways the show has kept things fresh is by continuously keeping things unpredictable. Season 12 ended with a cliffhanger that left Leroy “Jethro” Gibbs (Mark Harmon) shot down in the street and the rest of the team scrambling to track down the leader of the global terrorist group “The Calling.” But what will the new season bring? The cast and crew of NCIS are notoriously tight-lipped about details, but here are a few things we’ve been able to uncover:

1) Gibbs Doesn’t Die…But He Thinks about It

Okay, this isn’t exactly a spoiler or a surprise. But don’t expect to see a quick recovery for the veteran agent. In fact, following the appearance of a close family member in “Stop the Bleeding,” Gibbs seems to be sorry that he survived the shooting.

2) Gibbs Starts Wearing a Suit 

A lot of things change for Gibbs as he struggles to recover from his shooting. But one of the most notable physical changes is that the polo shirt-loving Gibbs starts wearing a suit to work. He even has a new, slightly modern haircut. Expect to see that in the second episode of the season, entitled “Personal Day.”

3) DiNozzo Likes Being the Boss

Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) took over leadership of the group while Gibbs was recovering and he apparently got used to the idea of being boss. He and Gibbs are headed for some tough stretches this season as they work out their new relationship.

4) Ziva May Be Coming Back…Maybe

The cast of NCIS have hinted that a change may be coming in DiNozzo’s love life and at last spring’s Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, Cote de Pablo said a return to the show might be possible “under the right circumstances.” So is she returning? If so, it’s not likely to happen until very late in the season.

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5) Bishop’s Marriage Will Be in Flux

Emily Wickersham’s Agent Ellie Bishop is the rare happily married member of the NCIS squad, although showrunner Gary Glasberg  told The Hollywood Reporter that her job will put a strain on her marriage this season and “really take her on a bit of a journey.”

6) Jon Cryer and Mark Harmon Have a Bit of a Bromance

As you might imagine, Gibbs is a terrible patient, even when he’s near death. But it’s obvious that he respects his surgeon, played by a nearly unrecognizable Jon Cryer. Dr. Cyril Taft is a war veteran and has managed to stay grounded despite all he’s seen. He and Gibbs bond on a level that he can’t with the people he works with.

7) Robert Wagner Will Be Back as Tony’s Dad

CBS has revealed that DiNozzo’s quirky and not-quite-honest dad (played by Robert Wagner) will be back for at least one episode this season.

8) Viewers Will See a New Side of McGee

Episode three  finds Timothy McGee (played by Sean Murray) in an undercover role where he plays a married couple with Bishop. Showrunner Gary Glassberg told TV Guide that Bishop will “testing the limits of a workplace romance.” We don’t think he means with McGee…

9) Speaking of McGee, Delilah Will be Back

McGee’s romance with Delilah (Margo Harshman) has been on hold since she transferred overseas. But she’ll be back in the second half of the season and Glassberg says she’ll have a substantial impact on McGee’s life.

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10) Someone Will Die

This is a pretty easy hint, since every season brings the death of at least one tangential cast member of NCIS. Sadly, I don’t think this season’s death de jour will be Jimmy Palmer.

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