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Oh, the roses will be a-flowing. What do you do when you take 20 Bachelor and Bachelorette alumni and a Big Brother-type house? ABC‘s latest twist on its dating reality franchise - Bachelor Pad.Kicking off August 9, Bachelor Pad takes 20 of the most memorable contestants and suitors from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and puts them under one roof. The "all-star" reunion will see the now-single contestants compete in challenges inspired by incidents from prior seasons. Sources say the cast will include former winners. Read more »
Rumor has it that Bachelor Pad -- the new Mike Fleiss late summer series that pits past Bachelor(ette) contestants against each other in a Survivor/Big Brother competition (with a little romance thrown in because hey, it‘s still The Bachelor) -- started filming today in Los Angeles.Which Bachelor stars moved into the Pad to compete for cash? Two similar lists from sources outside ABC may reveal the identities of the 20 contestants: Read more »
I doubt I‘m the only one who hoped that The Bachelor‘s Jake and Vienna would announce their break-up in a dignified, mutually respectful way, independently retreat to their homes to recover, and leave it at that. If we can‘t believe in love on The Bachelor, can‘t we at least believe in basic human decency and the triumph of a person‘s last remaining shard of dignity over the temptation of money and publicity? No, of course we cannot! That‘s not allowed in Bachelor land. And I‘m a dreamer and a fool for thinking so. But I‘d rather be a dreamer than a ... whatever Jake and Vienna are these days.I just wanted to get that out of the way before we put on our acid-repellent brain-boots and once again sift through the toxic pool that is the Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi Bachelor break-up with this basic, purely curious question in mind: what is going on here?To make the "he said/she said" sifting a little easier, here is a side-by-side comparison of Jake and Vienna‘s tabloid covers and claims about their controversial break-up: Read more »
Ahhh, the weatherman! Whether you read that as a sigh of joy or sign of terror, and whether you loved or hated to watch Jonathan Novack‘s over-emotional antics this season on The Bachelorette (if you read my recaps, you know that I skew to the extreme "love" side) there‘s no denying that the by-day newscaster had a definite presence on screen.And good thing, too, especially for us weatherman-lovers: Jonathan will be back on ABC starting August 9 on Bachelor Pad, alongside fellow Bachelorette season 6 cast members Craig McKinnion and Jesse Beck. Forecast: Drama!Also of note for Jonathan-lovers in Los Angeles: the weatherman‘s contract is up at his news station, and he‘s gearing up to move to L.A. to look into entertainment reporting and revive his stand-up comedy act. (The Bachelorette is sure to have given him plenty of material.)This morning, Jonathan took time to talk about his roller-coaster of a Bachelorette experience, from shooting a swimsuit calendar to kissing Ali in a music video. Here‘s what he had to say. Read more »
Breaking up with someone is never too easy but breaking up in the world of reality TV makes everything even more complicated. Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi, the latest Bachelor couple to join the list of reality relationship wrecks, have been dishing their dirty laundry in public through magazine interviews ever since the public learned about their split this month. Catch up on the "He Said, She Said" fiasco here.  Read more »
How hydrated are you after last night‘s Bachelorette episode? I mean, you spent the whole day at the water cooler discussing what went down with Justin "Rated R" Rego, right? "I couldn‘t possibly drink another tiny paper cup of this lukewarm office water, but I must, because seriously Carol, did you hear those voice mails?" That‘s you, being the pop-culture-savviest girl (or guy!) at work.Maybe not, but that doesn‘t mean you don‘t want to relive the divinely uncomfortable moment when Ali confronted Justin about his many love-lies, and then he tried to make his escape down the stars, through bushes and over fountains just to avoid talking to her. And now you can. Plus: Check out more Bachelorette videos from last night‘s episode in Turkey, including a deleted scene with my favorite--NOT--Frank, that whole olive oil wrestling fiasco, and--bonus!--the first promo for ABC‘s Bachelor Pad. Read more »
All the Bachelor and Bachelorette news that‘s fit to print, but unfit for individual consumption:Watch out, Canada! Justin "Rated R" Rego wants to be a cop. "In the next year or so I‘m actually looking to be a police officer," he told ET Canada. "I‘m slowly studying it ... that‘s something I truly am passionate about and I definitely want to get into." What words would you use to describe a great police officer? Honor, integrity, courage, respect, commitment ... yeah, you better be studying up, Justin. Also seemingly forgetting those damning romantic voice mails that ABC played as he exited the show, Justin told ET that un-girlfriend Jessica was just "somebody that I always wanted in my life cause she‘s a great person." Guess that‘s why they were making out in public last week. Read more »
So much Bachelor gossip, so little time!Well, that‘s not quite true. With two hours of ABC airtime every week and the wonders of social media, there‘s plenty of time for bad-mouthed Bachelor contestants to get their stories out.And Vienna Girardi and Justin ‘Rated R‘ Rego are doing just that. Below, check out each of their defenses against their recent Bachelor scandals. Do the stories hold up? Read more »
We‘re sure to see sparks fly when The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All airs tonight on ABC, but sparks of a different sort reportedly flew between two stars behind the scenes. People reports that third runner-up for Ali‘s affections, Kirk DeWindt, caught the eye of former Bachelor contender and Bachelor Pad contestant Jessie Sulidis, who appears on tonight‘s special to talk about her role in exposing Justin ‘Rated R‘ Rego‘s lies during the current Bachelorette season.Kirk will reportedly let Frank have it (even though Frank won‘t be there) for taking his spot in Tahiti, but it sounds like he‘s already fully moved on from Ali--right into the arms of Jessie. People‘s source says that Kirk and Jessie "met at the Men Tell All, then went to the afterparty and exchanged numbers -- and a kiss." Since then, "they have been talking."Oooooh. Talking! "He‘s driving up to Canada this weekend to see her so they can get to know each other," says the source. "Everything is hush-hush right now because they don‘t know what will come of it." First of all: They didn‘t do a very good job of keeping it "hush-hush," now did they? And could the secrecy attempt be related to the fact that Kirk is still in contention for a job as the next Bachelor? Read more »
The time has come. She‘s traveled the world with them. She‘s met their parents. She‘s even shared the closed-door "Fantasy Suites" with them. Now Ali‘s Bachelorette journey must come to a close, and she must choose between her final two guys: Chris or Roberto? Roberto or Chris? Or, as is a popular spoiler opinion this season, neither? We‘ve all got our theories about which guy Ali will choose, but our question at hand here is which guy SHOULD she choose? In other words: If you were Ali, who would you choose?Much like the ever divisive "Team Edward vs. Team Jacob" Twilight debates, I expect that for every die-hard Chris or devoted Roberto fan, there are a handful of you who would love to chicken out and proclaim, "Can‘t I just choose both?" Hahaha--NO. As Dumbledore said in a totally relevant (or, at least, just as realistic) Harry Potter situation, "Dark and difficult times lie ahead. Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy." (Oops, a Twilight AND a Harry Potter reference? Cover up your nerd-dom, Meghan, it‘s grossing out the readers.)In other words, don‘t be a DUMB-bledore. It‘s time to (wo)man up and make a choice. So CHOOSE WISELY: Read more »
Melissa Rycroft has announced she is pregnant with her first child with husband Tye Strickland."It‘s the most wonderful surprise in the world," Rycroft Strickland, who is due in February, tells US Weekly. "It‘s such a blessing."The former Bachelor star and Dancing with the Stars contestant, now with a new gig as co-host of ABC‘s Bachelor Pad (premiering August 9) married Strickland in December. It‘s hard to believe that as recently as early 2009, Rycroft was embroiled in a very messy, very public breakup with then-Bachelor Jason Mesnick. It‘s safe to say that with her busy work schedule and happy home life, those days are long behind her. Rycroft joked about her big year when she announced the news this morning on Good Morning America."Apparently Tye and I wanted to see how many life-changing events we could fit into one calendar year, from getting engaged, married, new job, and we are now pregnant."  Read more »
As Ali‘s Bachelorette season winds down, Bachelor fans have a new spin on the franchise to look forward to: Bachelor Pad kicks off August 9, and the premiere episode will certainly set the sexy, competitive tone that the show seems to be going for.Check out two sneak peeks at the series premiere two Mondays from now: In the first, the original 19 Pad residents play a tricky game of Twister that quickly turns dirty as their already exposed body parts get twisted. Juan at least admits and embraces the distractions.Then, speaking of tricky, check out the chemistry between housemates Natalie and Jesse B. as they try to balance their attraction, game strategies and ever-refilling champagne glasses.Want more Bachelor Pad sneak peeks? Check out official episode 1 photos of the Twister Game, a romantic beach date for four and the cast introductions at their new Pad. Read more »
If you don‘t already have a reason to watch Bachelor Pad, you do now. During the August 30 episode of the new reality competition featuring stars from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, ABC will reveal the contestant for season 11 of Dancing with the Stars.  Read more »
Tonight‘s the night! It‘s the finale we‘ve been waiting for, and the one Ali‘s been dating for: When she‘ll have to decide between her final two guys, Chris or Roberto--or go home solo.We may not know what‘s going to happen, but we do know that The Bachelor(ette), especially on a finale, works on a strict and well-known formula of "last chance dates," tearful kisses and serious gazes across gorgeous landscapes. Whether you‘ve stuck it out through the whole season or are just joining us to find out the outcome, whether you‘re Team Chris or Team Roberto, and whether you give a care or couldn‘t care less who Ali picks, we all deserve have some fun with tonight‘s three-hour Bachelor(ette) ABC extravaganza. And here‘s how: A "Let‘s Predict the Finale" party game! In the comments, place your bets on each of these seven unknowns for tonight‘s Bachelorette finale. I‘ll be keeping track of each item as I live recap the two-hour finale and one-hour After the Final Rose special. If your answers come closest to the truth, you will win a very special prize: The pride of being the Biggest Bachelor Nerd in all the land! (Very cool prize.) Read more »
"The Bachelor: The Videogame" comes out today, and it is both stupid and terrible. Is it necessary to tell you that "The Bachelor: The Videogame" is both stupid and terrible? No, I imagine you could have predicted that simply based on its name.Is it necessary to tell you how and why "The Bachelor: The Videogame" is both stupid and terrible? Oh goodness, yes. As it is sometimes considered cool to spend hard-earned money on things that are stupid and terrible in an ironic form of self-entertainment (the old "so bad it‘s good" reaction to veritable garbage), you might think a video game that is based on a ridiculous reality show that is based on unrealistic fairy tales would fall into that category. But this is not one of those "so bad it‘s good" things. It is one of those "so bad it‘s so, so, so, SO bad" things. If I could sum up this review in one word, it would be this: DON‘T.But here come lots more words, because the ways in which "The Bachelor: The Videogame" is both stupid and terrible are the most entertaining things about this game.  Read more »
After finally seeing their engagement revealed on national television during Monday night‘s romantic, rule-breaking Bachelorette finale, happy couple Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez spoke with the media about their engagement, the future, whether they‘d ever get married on TV, and which guy should carry the Bachelor torch next season.Check out what the future Mr. and Mrs. Martinez had to say, and then scroll down for photos of their first few days as a publicly engaged couple. Read more »
Bachelor Pad, ABC‘s answer to the question no one asked ("How can we make The Bachelor sillier and more scantily clad?") premieres tonight at 8pm. I had the chance to preview the two-hour episode that introduces the 19 former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants who will compete for $250,000, and went into it thinking that my history of watching these characters on the Bachelor franchise is the only thing that would make this show even remotely watchable. Instead, I came out of tonight‘s episode with the need to tip my cap to executive producer Mike Fleiss once again, because whether you‘ve seen The Bachelor or not, I‘m willing to bet that Bachelor Pad will entertain you. Make no mistake: It will entertain you in the basest and most brain-barren of ways, and you may not like yourself much for it ... but it will entertain you. Here‘s why. Read more »
Don‘t kid yourself: You may have tuned in to the premiere of Bachelor Pad for the swimwear, but you got hooked on the drama. And with 19 former Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects fighting for money, looking for love and using sex as a weapon, there‘s plenty of insanity to go around.Here, we honor the craziest of the crazies in the weekly Bachelor Pad Padded Room-o-meter.  Read more »
Hey men! You know how it is when you‘re casually dating a girl, but she wants something more serious than you do, so you try to gently tell her that you should just be friends? But then you know how she inevitably takes what you said the wrong way, because she‘s crazy in love with you, and you‘re both on a reality show trying to win $250,000 and, oh yeah, she‘s also certifiably insane? And then you know how you‘re in a real pickle, because you either have to take back the truth you said so you don‘t lose your chance at the money, or you have to risk seriously pissing off a woman with crazy-eyes whom you literally cannot escape from because you‘re both trapped in a house with no phone and no way to get out? So you know how you just lie and apologize and hold her hand and become her bitch in the hopes she won‘t murder you out of love-madness? You know how it is. Such a common and relatable scenario. Women: Can‘t live with them, can‘t reason with them like human beings, am I right? Well, even if you can‘t relate, that‘s exactly what happened between Jesse Kovacs and Elizabeth last night on Bachelor Pad, and the two scenes during the episode of Jesse saying rational things while Elizabeth cried just weren‘t enough. We need one more. Here it is. PLUS: Hear what the Pad‘s first casualties, crazy Michelle and jerk-face Juan, had to say about their eliminations. SPOILER ALERT: No self-awareness gained, no life lessons learned. Just as it should be on Bachelor Pad.  Read more »
If Bachelor Pad didn‘t tune you into the fact that being a contestant on The Bachelor or Bachelorette enters one into quite an exclusive social club, let this news do the trick: Three separate couples, all associated with the Bachelor franchise, have gotten engaged this week, including one set of twins, Michael and Stephen Stagliano, who are reportedly now hoping for a televised double wedding to their respective Bachelor star brides.Ironically enough given the purpose of the show, more love connections seem to take place off camera than on. Behold, the Bachelor wedding web at work:Michael Stagliano, who appeared on The Bachelorette 5 to compete for the affections of Jillian Harris, announced on Twitter today that he is officially engaged to Holly Durst, who lost out on Matt Grant‘s love during The Bachelor: London Calling. Michael‘s identical twin Stephen, who never appeared on the show as a contestant but did pop up during Michael‘s hometown visit with Jillian, also popped the question to former Bachelorette Deanna Pappas. Read more »
Those of you with high-def TVs are in for a real treat this evening, because you won‘t want to miss a single, vomit-inducing pixel of tonight‘s Bachelor Pad, when the remaining padders will compete in their second challenge: A good ol‘ fashioned pie eating contest. In this sneak peek, the ladies sit down, take off their shirts (as you must when consuming mass amounts of desserts) and get down to business on their pies of questionable flavor--and the result is the opposite of pretty. Funny thing about cleavage: It‘s somehow less attractive when you‘re heaving into a bucket with pie crust smeared all over your face.Below the clip, check out photos from tonight‘s messy Bachelor Pad episode, and another preview of Jonathan‘s speedo-tastic art experience. Read more »
OK, let‘s cut right to the chase, because after those two hours of Bachelor Pad, the last thing you need is for me to waste MORE of your time. Tonight‘s episode was the WORST! So much ... what‘s the word ... THINKING!When I made a promise to myself that I would enjoy the pure summer fun of Bachelor Pad to its fullest, on this blog, with all of you, my special Bachelor Pad buddies, did I think I was signing on for two painful hours of vodka-soaked psychobabble about "outsiders" and "alliances"? NO! I thought I was in for a series of PG sex scenes, ridiculously irrelevant "challenges" that test basic human brain functions, and a constant stream of hilarious English-language-butchering through the mouths of people who once thought that finding love on TV was a good idea and whose ideas just got worse from there. Those people don‘t need teams and strategies and alliances to be entertaining--in fact, they need just the opposite. Don‘t you see that forcing them to think goes against their inherent nature, and if they‘re busy thinking, they‘re NOT busy NOT thinking, and thus NOT making terrible televised choices?Maybe it‘s my fault for not fully understanding what Bachelor Pad even is (though I‘m pretty sure Bachelor Pad doesn‘t fully understand what Bachelor Pad even is), but I feel duped. No--worse. I feel Fleissed. I WANT MY DRUNKEN HOT TUB MASSAGE FOLLOWED BY SOMEONE CALLING SOMEONE ELSE A SLUT WHICH THEN INSTIGATES A POOLSIDE CRYING SESSION! (I do? Oh God ... I do.) AND I WANT THEM NOW! This is still (kind of) The Bachelor after all. This isn‘t Survivor! (Although I would love to see these people marooned on an island). Anyway, we might as well try to parse out whatever it is that happened tonight on Bachelor Pad. But I‘m not happy about it. Read more »
Next week on Bachelor Pad, 15 scheming housemates remain in the quest for the $250,000 grand prize, but not everyone is focused on the cash. In this sneak peek from last week, we see just how hard Tenley is crushing on Kiptyn (can you blame her?) and, on the less innocent end of the spectrum, just how hard Gia is falling for Wes--and how hard he‘s working for her attention.Plus, see what this week‘s Pad cast-offs, Jessie S. and Craig M., have to say for themselves now that the Bachelor tribe has spoken. Read more »
Apparently all the romantic dates, communal sleeping arrangements, unlimited alcohol and mandatory bikini time haven‘t led to enough action on Bachelor Pad, so the producers are taking mouth-matters into their own hands with a kissing competition on tonight‘s episode.Ewww. But also: Eh. Not surprising. Just another day at the grown up summer camp that is the Bachelor Pad, right? Maybe next week they‘ll play Truth or Dare.Check out these sneak peeks at tonight‘s "challenge," when the men and women will take turns lining up and testing their tongue skills on a blindfolded lad or lass. The guy and girl with the most votes for best kisser wins the competition.And the prize for being the best kisser in the Pad? Oh, you didn‘t think the lip locks ended there, did you? Each winning guy and girl will earn the right to take three special guests of their choice on overnight dates to Las Vegas. Bow-chicka-wow-barf. After all that making out, I hope they bring a toothbrush. Read more »
Aaaand, we‘re back. Where last week‘s Bachelor Pad got mired in excruciatingly idiotic strategy sessions between the "insiders" and the "outsiders," this week‘s episode brought forth the elements we were all hoping for in the first place on this summer sleaze-fest: Crying. Romance. Rejection. Overnight dates. Massages. Topless parties. A kissing contest. (Once just an apt metaphor for the show concept, now a literal activity.) Back-stabbing. (Unfortunately not literal.) One person calling another person "the modern day Shakespeare" when he or she is so clearly NOT the modern day Shakespeare. Also, no speedos. Hurray!You‘re lucky I‘ve got nothing else to watch and no moral compass left to guide my hand on the remote, Bachelor Pad. But thanks for getting back to making me sick in a good(ish) way.  Read more »
Next week on Bachelor Pad, things will get even uglier between the remaining 13 contestants when they each fill out a survey asking them to name the dumbest, meanest and other-bad-things-est people in the house. (Check out photos from next week‘s episode: Bachelor Pad Episode 4: A Brutal Quiz, Bruised Egos.)Here‘s a sneak peek of the contestants as they struggle to name names (surprise, surprise, Tenley cries) and then guess who the majority picked for each category. Plus, watch a deleted scene after last week‘s Kissing Contest and see what Gia and Jonathan had to say after their eliminations from the Bachelor Pad. Read more »
All the Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad news bites that are fit to give an e-rose to and invite back to your mind‘s Fantasy Suite so you two can "get to know each other a little better."Ali Talks ElopementAli Fedotowsky recently told People that she and her TViance (that‘s the word I just made up for "TV fiance") Roberto Martinez would love to avoid going through "all the motions" of wedding planning and just elope. Ali, you and I both know that ABC would be happy to go through all those motions for you. By planning a fancy schmancy TV wedding for us all to creepily, vicariously enjoy. Read more »
Tonight on Bachelor Pad: Hurt feelings over botched boob jobs and burgeoning new romances at romantic beach dinners. Two liars and jerks got sent home and a bunch of other liars and jerks are one step closer to going home at a later date. You know. The usual. Here‘s what went down in the PAD: Read more »
Last night on a special Labor Day edition of Bachelor Pad: Silly carnival games, sexual manipulation, gratuitous and ineffectual strategizing and about 600 mentions of "love" between the dysfunctional remaining couples. Just like every night on Bachelor Pad! God Bless America.But you still want to know all the ridiculous minutiae. Which is why you will read on: Read more »
You probably have at least one friendship that blossomed, if not entirely formed, out of a mutual love for a television program. Whether you‘re raving or ranting, watching TV with friends brings us all closer together. (Why do you think we call ourselves BuddyTV?) Well, for fellow BuddyTV writer Carla Patton (who‘s currently getting Real with the ‘wives and realizing America has not Got much Talent) and me, that special bond was forged in the fiery loins of the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise. The fights. The tears. The cheesy, unrealistic dates and dramatic, drawn-out rose ceremonies. And, most dear to our cruel, tandem hearts: All the second-hand embarrassment. Out of jaded jokes and genuine obsession, a friendship was born.Which is why it pains us so much--though I don‘t think my cynical recapping method has suffered all that much for it--that Bachelor Pad is just so, so, so, so terrible. Not "so bad it‘s good" bad. Just flat-out bad. We get no simultaneous joy from watching these pretty morons preen and ploy and plot against each other, all while weakly professing their watered-down love for one another. It‘s painful. It makes us angry. It hurts our Bachelor-loving, two-sizes-too-small hearts. Read more »
Tonight is the season finale of Bachelor Pad. What? Already? Someone pinch me because this must be a NIGHTMARE. Why would ABC give us such a powerful and magical gift, only to steal it away again so soon? The world can be so cruel sometimes. Ah, well. I think I‘ll survive--barely. And at least we have two more hours of bitchering (that‘s the word I just made up for bickering bitches) and one last idiotic challenge to tide us over until Bachelor Pad returns next summer. (Fingers crossed! And hope I don‘t die of anticipation-itis in the meantime!) So this is the end. That means it‘s time to bring back all the crazy characters who made this season so profoundly unlikable and make them rehash all the flimsy drama no one cares about for one last time.  Which means: What‘s new with Michelle? Is she still crazy? (Yep.) How about Gia and Wes--still two teenagers in lust? (Also yep.) Can I please have a little more Jonathan awkwardness for the road? What about Craig--at least give me one more glimpse of that glorious mane before I die! And also some depressing Elizabeth and Kovacs dysfunction. Please? I‘ve been so good this year!So let‘s all watch these Bachelor Pad finale videos. And then let‘s all watch the finale at 8pm tonight on ABC. And then let‘s all hibernate until next summer, because what‘s the point without my Pad?  Read more »
It‘s finally here! The not so anticipated finale of Bachelor Pad, in which we find out which of the three remaining "power couples" (what is it about that term in this context that still gives me the hearty LOLs?) made up of the "cool kids" (again, LOL-barf) who easily coasted their way through a small number of idiotic carnival games will win an unquestionable undeserved $250,000, as voted on by a group of their peers (fellow jerks, some of whom empirically proved earlier this season that they don‘t know the difference between right and left). America: This is our game show. Are you happy?Tonight, on the Bachelor Pad finale: In hour one, it‘s a Bachelor-Dancing with the Stars mashup (because those don‘t happen often enough) as the remaining three couples must dance to the death (I wish). Hour two: The final two couples duke it out for the money in front of a live studio audience and all of this season‘s eliminated contestants. Hour three: I cry myself to sleep.Who will win? (Who cares?) I guess we both do. Let‘s get through this together. Read more »
Now that the horrible abomination known as Bachelor Pad has closed its doors on our nightmares forever (we hope), it‘s time to get back to serious business. And by serious business, I mean: "Who will be the next man to make out in a million hot tubs on his way to short-lived romantic happiness?" The short answer: We still don‘t know. But an anonymous inside source (gotta trust those!) is now telling People that ABC has narrowed down their pool of potential rose-givers to two men from Ali‘s Bachelorette season: Cape Cod dreamboat, rainbow lover Chris Lambton or Southern crooner, "traditional marriage" fan Ty Brown. Read more »
"I‘m #1 at being #2."Leave it Kiptyn Locke to see the silver lining in his perpetual runner-up status. After losing the hand of Jillian Harris on The Bachelorette last year, Locke returned to ABC‘s reality romance franchise on Bachelor Pad, and last week fans watched as he and partner Tenley Molzahn (a former Bachelor runner-up herself) lost the $250,000 prize to fellow Bachelor alums Natalie Getz and David Good in a group vote. Fortunately, it‘s not hard to see the silver lining here. Locke and Molzahn, fan favorites for their good natures and sportsmanship, were the only contestants to leave with the show‘s other, arguable even more valuable, prize: A blossoming new relationship.And Locke, a philanthropist and event coordinator, hasn‘t let a lack of prize money keep him from moving forward on his latest charitable project: Hope Rose, a gift-giving service that also gives back.We spoke to Locke this week about Hope Rose, his experience on Bachelor Pad and his future with Tenley, and were happy to find that he‘s just as gracious and goodhearted as we all saw on TV. Here‘s what he had to say. Read more »
Most of us believe in giving second chances, but does that charitable spirit apply to our Bachelors?ABC is banking on it, as they announced tonight during the live airing of Dancing with the Stars that tall, handsome and once nationally scorned Bachelor 11 Brad Womack, the 37-year-old bar owner from Austin, Texas famous for rejecting both his finalists the first time around, will reprise his soulmate-seeking role as Bachelor 15 this winter. This news should come as no surprise to those who have been tracking the spoilers. But ABC did their best to try to punk the Dancing audience this evening. After host Chris Harrison tweeted that he would be sitting next to the new Bachelor, viewers were shocked to see Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad contestant Jonathan Novack, known to have all the romantic charisma of a baby weasel, sitting in Harrison‘s shotgun seat. Call it ABC‘s way of tricking us into feeling relieved when they actually announced Womack‘s name.Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron had some sage words of advice for Womack: "Brad, this time, pick somebody."The redemption storyline for Brad has already started, and we can look forward to it only snowballing until the next Bachelor season begins in early 2011: Read more »
Brad Womack. Bernie Lomax. Beyond their eerily similar names, at first glance you might not see the similarities in their stories. But as a professional Bachelor blogger who just can‘t help taking my work home with me, a casual weekend viewing of Weekend at Bernie‘s 2 turned into a true revelation: They‘re exactly the same. Well, maybe not exactly. But read these 10 connections between the 1993 goofy comedy sequel and the romantic reality show coming to your TV in January of 2011, and you‘ll discover: My theory‘s got legs. (Rigor mortised legs.)  Read more »
In a little over a month, we will see Brad Womack‘s second attempt at finding Bachelor love premiere on ABC. But who says you have to wait until January 3 to kickstart your Bachelor obsession again?Here‘s the latest from Bachelor-land, including three preview clips and the latest spoilers from Reality Steve: Read more »
Welcome to The GBU, a weekly column coming every Monday where I look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on TV.December is a time to look back at the year that was in television, and I‘m starting with reality TV. From Simon Cowell‘s American Idol swan song to Prince Poppycock on America‘s Got Talent to Derek Hough‘s back-to-back Mirror Ball trophies on Dancing with the Stars, there were a lot of huge events this year in the world of reality television.  Read more »
For Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad fans, this is some random, absurd, rather hilarious news. For everyone else, just thank your stars you don‘t know what I‘m talking about and kindly move along. OK, here we go:According to E! Online, former Bachelorette contestant Jonathan "The Weatherman" Novack is joining Skating with the Stars on Monday, apparently as an "understudy" for food poisoned Disney starBrandon Mychal Smith. Now, I don‘t watch Skating with the Stars, but I noticed three major things wrong with that sentence I just wrote. First, "The Weatherman" is not a "star." He is a celestial sidedish, at best. And I mean the kind of sidedish that people only eat when there‘s nothing else to eat or because it‘s comical. Like those weird mini corncobs. (And yes: Whether any of the other "stars" on this show qualify for that title is very debatable.) Second, Skating with the Stars has its FINALE next week, and it‘s a competition show. You can‘t just jump into the 100-meter dash at the last 10 meters, cross the finish line with everyone else and pretend you have any entitlement to a rank, a prize or even some measly recognition. That‘s cheating! And third, "UNDERSTUDY"? Don‘t make me laugh, Skating with the Stars. You are not Broadway. Good grief, it‘s like even YOU don‘t think of yourself as a real TV show.And listen, Skating with the Stars. I‘m guessing you‘re trying to appeal to people like me with this casting, because I loved "The Weatherman" on The Bachelorette. Openly loved him. But that was a specific case, in which his talents (or lack thereof) were perfectly suited for that schadenfreude-ridden spectacle of a show. That doesn‘t mean I want to watch him iceskate! Or watch him do anything besides cluelessly fight for some lady-love. But if I had to choose, here are 5 things I would RATHER watch "The Weatherman" do than go Skating with the Stars: Read more »
Dear ABC,Let me begin by saying: I‘m a big fan of The Bachelor. Yes, it‘s unrealistic and quaintly, openly sexist. And yes, the contestants are obnoxious, superficial and as self-satisfied as they are self-unaware. And yes, at almost any given moment you could wipe the excess cheese off the screen and use it to top a million crackers. Still, The Bachelor, the granddaddy of reality romance shows, still has its charms, twisted as they may be. It‘s about loooove. It‘s about slow-twirling and slow-dancing and slow-kissing. And it‘s proven that, even as we all know the show‘s process almost never works, it‘s still a fun process to watch. (And, as you‘re fond of reminding us, it did work that one time.) The Bachelor is a beast--but a friendly, familiar, benign beast that understands its purpose and never strays from its safe little corner full of candles and roses. I‘m truly fond of it. It has been the inspiration of some of my best work, and some truly enjoyable viewing experiences. Read more »
To kick things off, I have a confession to make: I did not watch Brad Womack‘s previous season of The Bachelor. Three long years ago (500 million years in Internet time), when Brad was just an unknown bar owner from Texas lookin‘ for luv, I was into other stuff, like books, and being outside, and not spending two hours every week watching plastic-faced people talk about how amazing each other are. (Obviously, since then, things have changed, for me and for Brad. These days I‘ve burned all my books in my indoor fireplace, because I HATE being outside. And Brad hates himself!)And yet, as I sit down to write this recap of Brad‘s Bachelor Adventure Part 2, I truly feel like I watched his first go-round. Like I was right there with you when Brad "shockingly" dumped Deanna Pappas and Jenni Croft (didn‘t watch; still know their names and what they look like when they cry) and became "the most hated man in America." (Take THAT, bin Laden!) Maybe that‘s because every season of The Bachelor is essentially the same. Or maybe that‘s just how pervasive this Bachelor business is in our culture--and how dutifully I always study tabloid covers in the check-out lines. Whatever the case, even though I didn‘t watch Brad the first time, I can tell you this much after watching him tonight: I‘m already sick of him. What a self-loathing robo-drag! Are we really going to have to put up with three months of him apologizing for dumping the first batch of women to the new women who volunteered to get dumped by him? Because if we are, this is going to be me, in writing, every single week. Get ready.Anyway. The premiere. Sad Brad. Looking for love. Lusting after ladiezzz. Lamenting his loserdom. It all happened; let‘s talk about it. TO THE RECAP! Read more »
I ought to be honest now, since I was so blatantly honest then: I was probably Madison‘s biggest critic when she rolled onto the Bachelor lot with a carefully constructed air of mystery and a pair of vampire fangs. It just seemed too intentionally dishonest and bizarre--even for this show. But in the three weeks she appeared on The Bachelor, Madison transformed--and no, I don‘t mean into a bat. Her facade came down, and--perhaps proving that this show can still surprise us in its 20th season, if you want to think of it that way--Madison became one of the most sincere and likable bachelorettes in the batch. And then, just as quickly, she left, saying the whole thing wasn‘t for her. It goes to show an old adage: First impressions aren‘t always accurate. And it tacks on a new caveat: Even less so when those impressions are cut up and edited for TV.But what about Madison‘s impressions of the other women, and of Brad? Why did she decide to walk out, and who does she hope takes home the final rose? She spoke candidly with the press this morning in a conference call. Here‘s what she had to say: Read more »
The other morning I was putting on my mascara when something occurred to me: With all the crying and swimming they do, there should be a lot more runny mascara on the ladies of The Bachelor. Then I remembered last week, when Sarah P. got dumped and it looked like she was auditioning for the part of the Black Swan. And that‘s when it occurred to me that there is probably a person whose entire job it is to clean up (or NOT clean up, for dramatic reasons) runny mascara on the set of The Bachelor. And it made me really sad. Sad for that person whose job is awful. And sad for the women, always crying and forever alone. But mostly for myself, whose brain has been so completely infiltrated by this show that I think about it even when I‘m not thinking at all, and involuntarily compose theories (I‘ve got more!) about it in my free time. I guess what I‘m saying is that I‘m sort of afraid this is my calling in life. But that‘s appropriate because, according to tonight‘s episode of The Bachelor, dating is all about fear. And torture. Why shouldn‘t writing about it be, too?   But enough about my all-consuming pain-and-joy cycle of recapping The Bachelor (and how that is a fitting metaphor for the show itself ... UGH I CAN‘T STOP, I TOLD YOU!), because did you hear Michelle got a black eye in her SLEEP? "I wish I had given it to her. I want to rip her head off," says Ashley S. Yes, Miss S. We all do. We ALL DO. Let‘s talk about why.HERE COMES THE BRIDE RECAP:  Read more »
In this segment, I read what Brad Womack and Chris Harrison write in their post-show Bachelor blogs, and tell you what I think they‘re really saying. Or what they‘re really not saying.Aye aye aye, what a Bachelor week! Michelle continued to be the mayor of Lunatic-ville, Ashley H. moved there and ran for city council, and Chantal was basically that woman who mostly keeps to herself but then shows up to PTA meetings and yells obscenities. (What? I don‘t know. I have a Bachelor hangover after last night‘s recap. Please do me a favor and read it. That will help heal my brain.)You know what else will help? Making fun of the words that Chris Harrison and Brad typed up about this week‘s episode. Let‘s see how they equivocate their inside stories this week!First, a fun fact! Did you know Chris Harrison is still ON this show? According to his blog, he is. According to my TV, he‘s not. This ranks up there with the "How‘d Michelle get a black eye?" mystery! Speaking of which ... let‘s see what Chris has to say about that: Read more »
Gather round, my fellow Bachelor armchair psychiatrists, because we now have hard, sneak-peeky proof that something is Very, Very Wrong with Michelle. I mean, more proof. The question is: Why is she such a maniac?Please watch this video of [real life Disney villain?] [real life crazy person?] [fake life actress-faker?] Michelle Money going into full-on tyrant mode, and then join me after the video to assess her symptoms and give our diagnosis. Read more »
I can‘t be the only person here who has bothered to do the math on how many hours I will have spent watching Brad Womack search for love when this season of The Bachelor is over. Counting the Women Tell All and the one-hour After the Final Rose (please, let it be only one hour!), it‘s 23. 23 entire hours, if you count the blissful commercial breaks, of watching this, the 20th edition of the "ultimate soap opera" play out before my eyes. And that‘s just the watching part--I don‘t even want to know how many hours I will have spent recapping the thing. Point being that we have all already far surpassed our Bachelor supersaturation threshold (or should have), and so I submit these Brad Womack interviews to you as a personal challenge of sorts: Can you watch them all, and also watch all two hours of The Bachelor that airs tonight? You‘re going to have to, because Michelle is going full-on Disney villain in this one, and what are you going to do, NOT watch her head explode in tyrannical rage? You‘ve already invested so much. Just see it through. And see these videos. Especially The Soup ones, because at least they make Brad look like a real person (because real people can‘t act, either).Anyone who watches all these videos and all of tonight‘s Bachelor episode earns a special Bachelor Endurance Badge. (In your mind. Just invent what it looks like. Like maybe it‘s a blue ribbon with a gold rose on the top. Stick it up on the wall of your brain. There you go.) YOU DID IT! Read more »
We‘re down to the final two on The Bachelor, and you know what that means: We‘re already looking ahead to the next season of The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad, and it‘s time once again to question everything we thought we knew (or that Reality Steve knew, rather) about the finale. Plus: next week is the Women Tell All. What are we in for? Now those are some Steve spoilers I think are probably spot-on. Read on for the latest:Despite all my pleas and prayers, ABC has elected to renew Bachelor Pad for a second season. Our pick for the worst show of 2010 will return this August, so on the bright side, I still have a few months to figure out how to cover it without ending up in the fetal position after each two hour session of sexual depravity. According to EW, producers are "open to all suggestions" from fans for which former Bachelor and Bachelorette "stars" ought to appear (KASEY! KAHL! KASEY! KAHL!), so post yours in the comments! Might they also be open to suggestions for rule changes? Because we have some good ideas.Now, to this season of The Bachelor. Finale spoilers discussed below! You‘ve been warned. Read more »
I‘ve already made my feelings clear (more than clear--what‘s clearer than crystal clear? pure diamond clear? outer space clear?) about Bachelor Pad: I hated it with every atom of my being. I hated it so much that I compared it to the BP oil spill when I begged ABC not to renew it. Looking back, maybe that was too harsh, but I definitely stand by my claim that it was the "bastard demon spawn" of The Bachelor, which already possesses its fair share of bastardy, demonic DNA in its original conception. The rules of the show were idiotic, the challenges were sexist and inane, the cast was supremely unlikable, the dates were miserable and unromantic, and it was an excruciating two-hours long just like its forebear. A couple episodes in to Bachelor Pad, it was clear that the only thing worth rooting for was a swift conclusion. Like I said: HATED IT!Fun little sidenote: Bachelor Pad season 1 winner Natalie Getz did not agree with my assessment and said as much on Twitter. What can I say? Agree to disagree.But, like Natalie, ABC doesn‘t care what I think, and Chris Harrison‘s got to feed his kids, and lots more Bachelor and Bachelorette alums need money and attention, and what are they gonna do, go find real jobs? Noooope. Not if they can shed their remaining clothing and dignity on Bachelor Pad 2, which is definitely happening and airing this August. Ugh. OK. And, since they‘re completely clueless devoted to the fans, the producers are now taking suggestions for who should be in this season‘s cast. Now that‘s what I call DEMOCRAZY!Obviously the best course of action would be to not renew the show and pretend the first season never happened. And if the challenges and rules don‘t change, season 2 is still going to monumentally suck. But if it has to happen, here‘s my list of Bachelor alums who might be able to make Bachelor Pad suck a little less:  Read more »
Much like Americans, reality TV has a serious obesity problem. While reality programs used to take up just one hour each week, the recent trend has been to super-size any reality series in order to fill time.  Read more »
It‘s tempting to think of The Bachelor: The Women Tell All special as a big, fat waste of time. They had more than enough chances (about two hours per week!) to speak their minds about Brad and the show while they were on the show, and most of them did post-show interviews in which they revealed almost nothing, so do we REALLY care what the eliminated Bachelorettes have to say now that a couple more months have passed? Sure, Brad will be there, but it‘s not like he can give anything away about what happens next week. In truth, the only person I‘m actually excited to hear from is Michelle, but from the looks of the preview for tonight‘s special (below), the other women are going to make her cry, and that‘s not the Michelle I know or want to remember. She should be making THEM cry!So it might turn out to be two hours of bickering and mudslinging among people we had almost succeeded in forgetting about. But you‘re going to watch it anyway, so why not think of The Women Tell All as a game? A DRINKING GAME in which you test your retention, endurance and tolerance skills? Now that sounds like fun and not even close to a waste of time. (But it might get you wasted ... *WINK*!)The point is that I made a Women Tell All Drinking Game, and you should play it tonight if you feel like it. It‘s not like your mouth is going to be busy gasping at all the revelatory information you‘re hearing. First, watch the episode preview. The game is below. Read more »
Watching a Bachelor: Women Tell All special is a little like being a fly on the wall of someone else‘s high school reunion. It‘s a lot of "you had to be theres" and "what I realize nows" and "I hated it but I learned a lot and now look who I am todays." Where there are also cameras. And where they are constantly trying to convince you, the fly, that they are good people who did their best and were there "for the right reasons" and would never hurt anybody under normal circumstances. And also there is a host? And a lot of video montages?You know what, scratch that metaphor. A Women Tell All is nothing like a high school reunion. EXCEPT that it centers upon a bunch of grown-up "women" who act like teenagers when they‘re around each other and collectively decide that it‘s only a bad idea to be catty and hostile if it happens "in front of a man." So in that sense, it‘s exactly like one.If you‘re getting the sense that I thought tonight‘s Bachelor: Women Tell All was an uncomfortable, redundant, largely useless and embarrassing mess (but when is it NOT?), it‘s because I do think that. But I don‘t want to be a Debbie Downer about the whole affair! It‘s probably because I just spent two hours watching women I don‘t know call each other spiders and poison and bad moms, and yet no one even crystallized the moment with a bitch-slap. It puts me on edge. But there were high points among the low points, and a lot of middling points as well, and we‘re about to cover them all in this, THE RECAP OF THE RECAP EPISODE OF THE BACHELOR. It‘s like the Inception of Bachelor recaps. (Inception jokes are still totally cool and in, right? Yeah, I think they are, too.) ANYWAY, HERE WE GO:  Read more »
Last night‘s Bachelor: The Women Tell All had its share of surprises, like Ashley H.‘s brunette makeover and Michelle‘s teary breakdown, but we also didn‘t get the chance to hear from a few of the women on stage--namely Shawntel N., one of Brad‘s final four, and one of the most memorable women of the season. What gives?According to People, there was just that much drama to cover in two hours, and some of the night‘s most intense insults didn‘t even make it to air. Not only did Raichel and Melissa throw down even harder than we saw (Melissa got called "OCD," and Raichel‘s breast implants were mocked), but the women‘s critiques of Michelle were also longer and harsher. Read their "What You Didn‘t See" piece for more behind-the-scenes tidbits from the taping. Then check out these backstage videos with the women (including silent Shawntel!) after the show, answering fan questions and looking forward to the next Bachelorette: Read more »
Tonight Brad Womack will propose to one of two remaining women he met on TV and wooed over the course of three months in front of cameras at a handful of highly orchestrated and regimented hang-out sessions, and we will all pretend that that is a completely normal and logical and romaaaantic thing to do. Fun!But not fun enough on its own. Despite Chris Harrison‘s usual exclamations that it‘s going to be "the MOST DRAMATIC BLAH BLAH BLAH" ever, I predict that tonight‘s two-hour Bachelor finale will be mostly banal feelings-focused filler cut with recaps of we‘ve already seen this season, followed by the ten minutes we‘re all actually tuning in to see: The dumping of the runner-up and the proposal to the winner in the final showdown of the two female archetypes: Emily and Chantal. White Swan vs. Black Swan. Betty vs. Veronica. Barbie vs. Barbie‘s brunette friend whose name no one remembers. (Was it Midge?) OH MY GOD WHO WILL HE CHOOOOSE? So for those looking to enhance their viewing experience tonight, now‘s the perfect time to bone up on the latest Bachelor news, revisit some of our best coverage of the season and adjust your Bachelor drinking game to suit tonight‘s finale. And this is the perfect place to find all of those things:  Read more »
It‘s Ashley Hebert, peppy dentist and Brad Womack‘s second runner up from this season of The Bachelor 15, which aired its finale tonight. (Read our hilarious recap here!)And so, as they cast another rollover reject and revealed her identity the same evening as Brad‘s engagement aired, ABC reminded us of one reason The Bachelor remains an institution of reality television: As soon as they close one chapter, they entice us back with another. Ashley, whose season as the seventh Bachelorette will likely air this May, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight to announce the news that wasn‘t quite news thanks to the spoilers of Reality Steve (and news at tonight‘s After the Final Rose that this season‘s runner-up, Chantal O‘Brien, is currently in a relationship), and chat about putting her dental career on hold in the hopes of hooking a husband.  Read more »
What a Monday! We watched the Bachelor finale, the After the Final Rose and the Bachelorette announcement on Jimmy Kimmel. Oddly enough, it seemed as though the season‘s final dumpees, Chantal and Ashley, were faring better than Brad and his bride-to-be Emily, who sure looked happy at the proposal, but decidedly less certain three months later. Can Emily and Brad make it work? How does Chantal feel about the elimination? How about our new Bachelorette? And what‘s Chris‘s take on all this? Here‘s what they‘re all saying in the cold light of Tuesday morning:  Read more »
Fourth-year dental student Ashley Hebert is officially over Brad Womack and ready to start her own polyamorous adventure on The Bachelorette in May. And while we would have preferred Shawntel Newton based on the capacity for dead guy jokes alone, dentist jokes can be pretty fun, too. A lot more fun than going to the dentist, anyway.ABC loves to add corny subtitles to their Bachelor seasons when the guy has a defining characteristic that drives the girls wild. On The Bachelor: London Calling, it was Matt Grant‘s Britishness, which the women treated like an impressive talent rather than an inherent aspect of his personality. All Andy Baldwin needed to do on The Bachelor: An Officer and A Gentleman was even mention his Navy uniform, and the ladies totally lost their s***. And who could forget Jake Pavelka, who turned his ho-hum commercial pilot‘s career into a reason for the women of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love to swoon about the possibility of flying away with him? (They didn‘t realize they‘d be in coach.)But why should the boys have all the fun? It‘s high time ABC let a Bachelorette in on the subtitle action, and Ashley‘s the one. What guy wouldn‘t want to get drilled by a sexy dentist? Don‘t even worrying about brainstorming, ABC. We‘ve got LOTS of ideas for this one: Read more »
As the dust settles on Brad Womack‘s second Bachelor finale and the announcement that Ashley Hebert will take up the Bachelorette torch this May, creator Mike Fleiss spoke to EW about the big issues (yes, that‘s tinged with a tiny bit sarcasm) affecting his franchise, including the lack of diversity in the cast, Reality Steve‘s spoilers, why Ashley is the new Bachelorette and whether they‘ll ever go back to casting an unknown Bachelor.Some of this is ground we‘ve covered before, but I appreciate that Fleiss is never dull in his answers and he seems to appreciate that, even though it‘s his show, it‘s not high art or rocket science. He also doesn‘t shy away from the bold and salty statements, like calling Reality Steve "the Michele Bachmann of reality TV facts." The man knows how to make drama. Check out the highlights of Fleiss‘ interview below, with commentary from yours truly. (Fleiss in italics.) Read more »
Stories from Bachelor land never stop. Here‘s what‘s new with the TV love crew:Bachelor Pad 2 gets its premiere date: ABC‘s summer smutfest will return Monday, August 8, and once again be an excruciating two hours long. This photo and open letter illustrate exactly how I feel about this news.Listen to former Bachelor cast members literally beg to get cast on the Pad, if that‘s what you‘re into.Brad joined Twitter last week, and since then he‘s been tweeting up a storm about his great weekend in Charlotte with (still very ON) fiance Emily and her daughter Ricki. Here‘s a picture he posted of his "chauffeur" with the caption "HOT :-)":  Read more »
If anyone deserves to be honored for his work in reality television, it must be Mike Fleiss. The executive producer of The Bachelor will be taking the stage this April on the Reality Rocks Expo in Los Angeles to receive the Reality Rocks Humanitarian Award.Mike Fleiss is known as the creator of The Bachelorette, in addition to recently co-directing the documentary God Bless Ozzy Osbourne. Jack Osbourne, who is credited as producer of the film, has been tapped to present the honor at the event.Win a SlideHD Flip Cam at the Reality Rocks Expo!  Read more »
What would happen if Survivor and Bachelor Pad had a love child, and that love child was raised by mankind‘s cruelest mistress of all, the jungle? Next summer we will find out, thanks to NBC, who are doing their part to make MILF Island a quasi-reality with their next reality show, Love in the Wild. The Hollywood Reporter reports from Hollywood:"Twenty men and women will pair up each week in the middle of the jungle. Each couple is dropped into a remote location with nothing but a map and each other to rely on. Along the way, they‘re put through challenges that test them emotionally and physically. At the end of the day, some of the couples will be treated to various romantic indulgences at a romantic oasis. After, they‘ll have the choice of staying with their partner or switching for the next challenge." Read more »