Walter Bishop's Most Fantastic 'Trips' Log on 'Fringe'

When traveling a "multiverse" of your own making, one needs to remember that not all trips are created equal. When Walter Bishop began to conduct his experiments in "fringe science," he had no way of knowing that he would achieve his greatest work through the use of LSD. Like thousands of committed doctors during the Cold War, Walter took to LSD like a proverbial duck to water and sometimes his efforts yielded not only remarkable progression in his trans-dimensional scientific adventures but a cinematically compelling compendium of images experienced by him and other characters that will remain vibrant elements of the Fringe mythology.

Here is BuddyTV’s top adventures in Walter Land.

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By Jana Siciliano on Friday, January 11, 2013
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Talk About Walter Bishop's Most Fantastic 'Trips' Log on 'Fringe'