In episode 11 of American Horror Story: Asylum, there is a theme of children. However, it’s in the American Horror Story way. I’m not sure what I was expecting when I saw the episode title was “Spilt Milk”, but it definitely wasn’t episode 11’s opening scene.

Dr. Thredson’s mother issues were passed down to his son, Johnny, whose emotional obsession with his mother is once again portrayed in a shocking way. Just when you think American Horror Story: Asylum can’t push the envelope any further, they show a prostitute breast-feeding a grown man.
Alien Baby

Grace is back and alive at Briarcliff with Kit’s baby. Grace explains to Kit that “they” were doing amazing things “up there”.

Obviously the show is hinting more and more at what could possibly be happening with the supposed extraterrestrial activity at Briarcliff. By the hints they’re giving, it seems that aliens took Grace, Pepper, and Alma. Why, though, are they targeting women involved with Kit and Briarcliff?

It seems way too obvious to be just aliens. There is something else going on.

Bloody Face Gets the Finger

The great part about season 2 of American Horror Story is that even with all the over-the-top scenes and evil characters, there are some very real moments.

The nun Sister Jude told to help Lana, does in fact help Lana walk right out the front door of Briarcliff. There is a brilliantly-shot scene with a split screen of Lana walking down the steps at Briarcliff and Kit talking with Dr. Thredson at the bottom of the steps.

As Lana walks down the steps she makes eye contact with Kit, who in that moment decides to help Lana and distract Dr. Thredson so Lana can walk past him out the front door.

Then, as Lana is pulling away in a cab, she puts the audio tape against the window and gives Dr. Thredson the finger. It’s such a simple scene, but it’s brilliant. There didn’t need to be a word said, after all the horror that was performed, Lana just gives Bloody Face the finger. This may be my favorite scene in season 2 thus far.

Bloody Head, Bloody Face

There is another brilliantly-shot scene where the director cuts back and forth between past and present. In the past scene Johnny Thredson is having a mental breakdown and kills the prostitute that is breastfeeding him. Meanwhile, in the present, Lana is shooting Dr. Thredson in the back of the head.

Happily Ever After

With Lana writing a tell-all book on Briarcliff, Monsignor Timothy is forced to let Kit out Briarcliff. Kit and Grace end up returning to his home with their alien baby. Only, Kit’s wife Alma, is home with her own baby.

There are two women, two alien babies and one man in a house. This sounds like a script for a new CBS sitcom. I’m still curious to see how this whole alien angle turns out.

With just two episodes left, there is still plenty to be figured out. However, over the last two episodes, we have seen Dr. Arden, Sister Mary Eunice, the creatures and Bloody Face all die.

This leaves us with the outcome of Bloody Face’s son, the fate of Briarcliff, Sister Jude and the alien angle to figure out over the final two episodes. Make sure you don’t miss the outcome of American Horror Story: Asylum and add it to your very own watch list. Download the BuddyTV Guide for free for your phone.

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