Nashville‘s started 2013 with a bit of a whimper rather than a big bang. While there was movement, “Be Careful of Stones That You Throw” was more of a transitional episode in that it positioned characters on the starting line of their next journey. Now that people are in place, the drama is sure to explode.

Moving On With the Band

Deacon was the exception to the starting line, as he had already set out on his tour with the Rebel Kings and was struggling with his decision. Making the situation more complicated, Deacon’s former girlfriend and reporter, Carmen, was on the tour as well. 

At first, it seemed like she would help ground Deacon in his new surroundings, but if anything she appeared to make him miss his old life even more. When she mentioned Rayna was going on a big arena tour with Juliette, he was surprised and disappointed. If not because he wanted to be there, than since neither of them bothered to let him know.

Deacon has a position right now that many musicians only dream about, but he doesn’t seem satisfied. It was sad to see him just throw his magazine cover in the trash, hopefully he won’t do the same with his career or life.

Will Deacon fall into bad habits on tour with the Rebel Kings? Or, will he realize all that he has left behind and try to get back on tour with Rayna?

Going to the Chapel … Or Not

What a fleeting moment of happiness for Juliette! All her life she has been looking for stability and love, probably in that order. She thought she found that with Sean, but their rush to get married ruined it for her. Given Sean’s beliefs and close relationship with his parents, it’s hard to believe he would go along with it, but he did.

Sean’s parents weren’t initially supportive, but came around when they agreed to have an official church wedding. Could his mother have counted on Juliette bailing? I’m not sure, but her interference with the relationship between Juliette and her mother didn’t help.

Juliette’s mother has caused her daughter much pain over the years, but she spoke words of wisdom regarding the quickie wedding. It was no surprise that Juliette decided to run away from the situation rather than deal with it.

For now, Sean and Juliette are still married and they do make each other happy. I’m not sure if they should continue the marriage or not, but maybe they should give it a try. Given Sean’s religious beliefs and their consummated marriage, I can’t imagine that he will be quick to agree to end it.

Shared Secret Saves a Marriage … For Now

Rayna jumped at the opportunity to leave on the joint tour as soon as possible due to her problems with Teddy. It makes sense for her to want some distance from his lies and the campaign, and it’s even understandable that she would want to bring the girls with her

Did Teddy deserve a say in their lives given his betrayal? At first, I didn’t think so, though his reaction to Lamar’s threat over Maddie’s paternity swayed me just as it did Rayna. Lamar’s face was precious when he realized that Teddy was aware of the truth. 

Lamar is used to winning at any cost and he got burned here. He used a trump card and lost. If anything, he hurt what little relationship he has with both Rayna and Teddy. Though, in the end, Lamar’s comment saved their marriage at least temporarily.

Rayna saw how much Teddy cared about her and the girls. Despite everything that he did, she has always loved him and he loves her. For the family, she is going out on tour and he will stay at home with their daughters like they have always done in the past and defer any decision about their marriage until later.

Maddie’s paternity reveal was a bit of a shocker. Is she Deacon’s daughter? Someone else could be the father, but most likely it’s Deacon. If he is her father, does he know? This is a secret that is bound to cause huge problems at some point.

New Musical Starts

Avery decided to take the solo offer and leave his longtime friends behind. It was no surprise that they didn’t take the news well. It’s a tough call. While Avery is definitely a selfish guy, opportunity goes beyond that. I don’t necessarily fault him for taking the deal, because it’s an offer even the most selfless person would have a difficult time turning down.

After he was shunned by the band, he ended up back in bed with Scarlett. Their pull towards each other is so strong, it didn’t help that she was dealing with the aftermath of Gunnar’s kiss and Avery was feeling alone. Though, I wanted to high five Scarlett when she dismissed her ex after finding out what he did to his bandmates. Avery gave up Scarlett and his band for his own personal success.

Scarlett further propelled her career by taking over Avery’s lead singer spot for the band’s gig. It was amazing to see her on stage singing so free. That confidence will only help her in the future. The band offered her a permanent spot, but she realized how much she missed writing and singing with Gunnar.

She made the right decision to return to Gunnar and continue to their song writing. Their new duet was amazing.

Were the best decisions made? Are you ready for the drama involved with a Rayna and Juliette tour? What will become of Deacon? Avery? Scarlett and Gunnar?

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