Where to begin? In “Things We Said Today” Grey’s Anatomy picked up right where it left off in the winter finale, “Run Baby Run”, and showcased pretty much every couple on the show (and even a few wanna-be couples) in various stages of their relationships.

Cristina and Owen

After that passionate smooch in the last episode, I’ve got to start here. The news is mixed. Cristina and Owen were reunited (and, man, does anyone do “hot-yet-tender” like these two?) yet still opted to sign the divorce papers. My inference, however, is that they’re still very much in love and very much together, just no longer married. While I can appreciate a fresh start for my beloved couple, I’m not quite sure yet how I feel about this turn of events, especially since I feel that their marriage was neither a mistake nor a cage. I think I’m going to have to wait and see where this all leads before I can weigh in more fully. Either way, Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd continue to demonstrate the amazing connection and deep, abiding love that Cristina and Owen share, so I’m intrigued to see what’s coming next. Plus, since Cristina and Owen belong together, I guess this is a start and preferable to the heretofore endless angsty despair CO fans have been enduring. Lemonade out of lemons, peeps!

Alex and Jo

Don’t get me started. Can not stand her. Can not stand them. Can not stand who Alex becomes when he is with her. No. No. No. Shonda Rhimes has promised viewers a true love for Alex. One who won’t leave him. Not Jo! Not Jo! Not Jo! I love Alex and I hate this storyline. Rant over. Moving on. For now.

April and Shane and Jackson and Stephanie

I had to laugh at April and Shane’s mortification at their misunderstanding and I sincerely hope that April will be nothing more than a mentor to Shane. Someone in this hospital needs to teach a student without getting romantically involved with them. Speaking of which, Jackson, what were you thinking? I know that Glam Stephanie is beguiling but she’s an intern! You aren’t Sloan (RIP). You aren’t Karev. Stop it now. You heard me.

Meredith and Derek and Callie and Arizona

It’s kind of sweet that MerDer is together forever and all that and that he promised to never put her in a nursing home. Likewise, Callie and Arizona are getting back on track. Having said that, why is marriage a mistake and a cage and a box for Cristina and Owen but just dandy for everyone else? Just asking.

Miranda and Ben

Speaking of marriage, how did you like that old bait and switch? ABC’s promo department worked overtime to make viewers think that Bailey and Ben’s wedding was in question but surprise! In an extremely refreshing move, Ben completely understood both the extenuating circumstances and the woman he loves. Cue the quick edit to the vows. Aw…

Richard and Adele

And, finally, in the heartbreaker of the night, Miranda and Meredith saved Adele’s life only to have her pass away of a heart attack off-screen in a poignant twist. The scene of Richard and Adele dancing to their song “My Funny Valentine”? Be still my heart.

Next Week on Grey’s Anatomy (SPOILER ALERT!)

While I realize it is the job of the aforementioned promo department to stir the pot and get us to watch, I am going to be spitting nails if everyone and their uncle continues to blame Owen for the plane crash. Really? Say it isn’t so, Derek! Tell me it’s just deceptive editing! Because you and Owen are supposed to be buds. Remember Bromance? In fact, all of you people are supposed to be Owen’s friends. Remember friendship? Cristina, you seem to still be with Owen even though you’re no longer married to him. Time to put your $15 million where your mouth is and support the man you love. I’m watching you.

The next all-new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “The End is the Beginning is the End”, airs Thursday, January 17 on ABC.

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Janalen Samson

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