The Return

Season 1, Episode 19 -  Air Date: 4/22/2012
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‘Once Upon a Time‘ Recap: The Deal is Struck

After a three week hiatus, Once Upon a Time is finally back with the final four episodes of its debut season! When we left Storybrooke, the town‘s fairytale past revealed the heartfelt motives behind The Evil Queen‘s hatred towards Snow White -- love lost. Yes, it seems that Regina had a heart once! As payback, Madame Mayor now has Mary Margaret in custody for the murder of David‘s wife, Kathryn. Yet in the last moments of the episode, Kathryn is found in an alley ... very much alive.Tonight‘s episode will spend most of its fairytale focus on Rumpelstiltskin and his son Baelfire while Mr. Gold and August, formerly known as The Stranger, take the forefront in Storybrooke. Let us not forget, though, that Sheriff Swan has a lot of work on her hands: trying to prove Regina‘s involvement in Kathryn‘s disappearance. Plus, it looks like David will finally attempt a reconciliation with his one true love. I think it‘s safe to say that David and his apologies can take a backseat; his wishy-washy behavior helped get Mary Margaret into this mess!
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