Three Men and a Snooki

Season 4, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 9/29/2011
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Deena has a pregnancy scare.

‘Jersey Shore‘ Recap: Don‘t Snook Back in Anger

When we last left the macaroni rascals, mid-way through their adventure in Italy and yet to step foot in a cathedral, a museum or any sort of culturally relevant landmark whatsoever, Snooki had just given up on driving ... mid-driving ... and slammed her MTV‘s Fiat into an Italian police car. As the injured officers were led away on stretchers and in neck braces, Snooki expressed her remorse the only way she knew how: "SHUT. UP. Pleeeeease? I don‘t want to go there! [To jail.] Pleeeeease!"So what now? Is Snooki holed up in a grimy Italian prison cell, trading her meatball lovin‘ for actual meatballs with a wizened old Italian gypsy named Giuseppina?
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