Should We Just Break Up?

Season 3, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 2/3/2011
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Snooki meets a new guy.

‘Jersey Shore‘ Season 3: I Take It Back. This Show‘s Still Got It.

A month ago, at the beginning of Jersey Shore season 3 (or is this just a continuation of season 2? You know what, I don‘t even care.) I made this analogy:"Imagine you had a favorite pet as a kid. And then, when that beloved pet died, imagine your parents had it stuffed and forced you to keep playing with it. That is what Jersey Shore season 3 is like."And at the time, that‘s genuinely what it felt like: Like the show was going through the motions, but without any heart. (And it had very little heart to begin with.) As much as it annoys me that MTV has chosen to designate these new episodes in New Jersey as the second-half of season 2, they were right to do so, at least for those first few episodes: Immediately upon returning to Seaside, the cast fell right back into the tiresome drama that made their time in Miami such a fun-sucking waste. With Sammi and Ronni finding a way to drag everyone down no matter the zip code, I worried that the show would never rediscover the silly, ridiculous, at times downright hilarious spirit that made season 1 such a success.
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