Tuesday 22nd March 2005

Season 2, Episode 16 -  Air Date: 3/22/2005
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The toilet scheme didn‘t work as everyone needed to go at the wrong time. Ellie warned Lisa that Sally will soon find out about Jake. Tom had a girlfriend, realizing this, Max decided to teach Tom his theory of women. Lisa confronted Sally, who knew about Jake, but hadn‘t brought it up because she had bigger problems. The Taylor-Burton‘s were all frustrated as they didn‘t have enough ""Toilet Time"". Sally and Lisa had a heart-to-heart and Lisa told Sally EVERYTHING. Tony went to see OB and Max for they ideas. Lee was surprised at Sally‘s cool reaction to Lisa‘s affair. Sally sent them shopping, and weirdly told them to ""take care of each other"". This made them suspicious. Tony went OTT over the preparations for the Easter Fair. Lee and Lisa were shocked to come home and find a note from Sally saying shes gone to Norwich to go and see they father and reunite with him. Max was determined to make the Easter Fair profitably and beat Tony. Lee planned to go to Norwich to reunite they parents