SupernaturalSupernatural creator Eric Kripke has given some extremely encouraging news regarding season three of the creepy CW hit.  When Supernatural returns, look for it to return to the linear, single mythology structure of season 1 versus the episodic structure of season 2.   This is one issue Supernatural fans have been somewhat split on since season 2 began, but given the events of the finale, its easy to see how following one story arc could be a huge benefit for Supernatural, which is trying to make its mark all over again.

With season two teasing at the underlying mythology, and even faking us out a couple of times, the season was a bit frustrating for fans who were tied up in the pace of season 1.  Call it Veronica Mars syndrome.  Mars went from two seasons of single arc mysteries, padded by one shots, to mini arcs topped off by a run of single shots.  Yeah, it didn’t work too well for her either, but at least Supernatural made it under the gate.

In a talk with Sci Fi Wire, Kripke indicated that he was excited to get back into a single arc. “There’s so much we’re paying off,” he said. “I feel the mythology was great in season one. I think the stand-alones were great in season two. But I think the mythology of season two was just okay. It was too complicated. It wasn’t as visceral as ‘find dad.’ And in season three we’re back to a really visceral mythology, which is ‘It’s war, what do we do?’ And so we’re really excited about that mythology, and we feel, again, it’s going to be the most exciting season yet.’ Kripke said.

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With the slow progression into the war, season 3 will also be a much easier junction for new viewers to jump onboard.   Essentially there is only a season and quarter of mythology to actually catch up on.

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