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Outrageous & Unseen

Season 1, Episode 22 - Air Date: 6/5/2007
Aimee, Ty, Zara, Leslie, & Ripsi showcase highlights and unseen footage from the first season; three of the housemates prepare to leave for the Bad Girls Road Trip.
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Shrink Wrapped

Season 1, Episode 21 - Air Date: 5/1/2007
To analyze their behavior in the past, the girls return to the house and get together with a psychologist.
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Happy Ending

Season 1, Episode 20 - Air Date: 4/24/2007
Before the roommates attempt to reconcile broken friendships as they anticipate their exit from the house.
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Lord of the Lies

Season 1, Episode 19 - Air Date: 4/17/2007
It appears that all the girls are pitted against Jodie, as wall to wall drama in the house escalates.
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A Little Ditty About Steve and DeAnn

Season 1, Episode 18 - Air Date: 4/10/2007
In DeAnn's case a kiss is not just a kiss, particularly when Steven kisses another woman, which painfully teats their relationship.
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Chicken Scratch

Season 1, Episode 17 - Air Date: 4/3/2007
After Zara ditches Aimee at the club, and takes part in trashing the house, the other girls in the house become fed up with Zara's behavior.
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Rocky Road

Season 1, Episode 16 - Air Date: 3/27/2007
At a runway show, Jodie receives a modeling opportunity and she is driven to show that it is not essential to be ultra-thin to succeed.
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Kiss and Tell

Season 1, Episode 15 - Air Date: 3/20/2007
While a shocking surprise arrives the girls way Kerry encounters a music producer. In the meantime after her boyfriend makes a surprise visit Zara confesses her sextracurricular activities to him.
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What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Season 1, Episode 14 - Air Date: 3/13/2007
While Zara's party-girl manner affect her roommates lives, Leslie attempts to give up exotic dancing.
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Holy Ghost!

Season 1, Episode 13 - Air Date: 3/6/2007
For a risque photo shoot Jodie dons lingerie. In the mean time things get eerie when the girls think the house is haunted.
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She Said, She Said

Season 1, Episode 12 - Air Date: 2/27/2007
When Zara lets Kerry know that Aimee has been insulting her, not only does the claws come out, it escalates the feud between Aimee and Zara.
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Drop of a Hat

Season 1, Episode 11 - Air Date: 2/20/2007
DeAnn makes a pivotal decision, after she immerses into a tryst with Pool Boy Steve. In the meantime Zara looks for revenge against Tomick once his romantic interest in her fades.
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And the Walls Come Tomberlin Down

Season 1, Episode 10 - Air Date: 2/13/2007
As Leslie tries to cope with her feelings of loneliness after Ty leaves the house, she contemplates whether or not she should do the same.
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Smack My Beach Up

Season 1, Episode 9 - Air Date: 2/6/2007
Leslie takes Ty out on an alcohol-fueled night as a way to cheer her up over her separation with her boyfriend, Juan, and the two return home to meet an irritated Aimee.
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Not a Happy Camper

Season 1, Episode 8 - Air Date: 1/30/2007
DeAnn, Kerry, Jodie, and Zara all decide to go on a camping trip, where both DeAnn and Kerry intend to pull a few "playful" pranks upon an unsuspectful Jodie.
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Miss Understanding

Season 1, Episode 7 - Air Date: 1/23/2007
When Zara makes a racially insensitive comment, she manages to find herself on Leslie's bad side.
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The Trouble with Boys

Season 1, Episode 6 - Air Date: 1/16/2007
Zara is continuously distressed over Aimee's claim that Tomik is more interested in her than he is Zara, and so tries to settle her insecurities over the matter with him.
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Out with the Old

Season 1, Episode 5 - Air Date: 1/9/2007
When a new roommate comes she instantly makes friends with everyone excluding Aimee; even though her boyfriend is ready and waiting for her back home, Zara persist in hooking up with Tomik.
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A Tomik Bomb

Season 1, Episode 4 - Air Date: 1/2/2007
While Kerry tries to get David's forgiveness, she becomes closer to Jodie. In the meantime Zara walks on some toes and appears to have no regards for her boyfriends feelings as she quests after Tomik.
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Quick Fix

Season 1, Episode 3 - Air Date: 12/19/2006
While Kerry attempts to create time with an attractive pool boy right after her boyfriend leaves, Ripsi's stay in the house comes to a premature end.
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A Rude Awakening

Season 1, Episode 2 - Air Date: 12/12/2006
Where the last episode left off, Ripsi is attacking some of her fellow houseguest. What will happen to Ripsi because of her actions?
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It's Easier to Be Bad

Season 1, Episode 1 - Air Date: 12/5/2006
The seven self-described 'bad girls' begin to arrive to their shared L.A. home one by one for the first time.