'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Episode 7.15 Recap (Page 1/2)
Last week on The Biggest Loser, Laura took ultimate control of the game and used her one vote to kick Sione Fa off The Biggest Loser Ranch. Many suspect Ron, a.k.a. “The Godfather” has a bit too much control over the game at the moment. Will he keep control of the game this week?

This week, Filipe is reeling with Sione’s departure. Sione left a letter telling him he needs to make the commitment to be the best. Kristin comes to comfort him but starts crying with him. Filipe tells us that he needs to represent him and his family and Bob Harper. Kristin points out Jillian Michaels hasn’t lost a single player in seven weeks.

The contestants meet Allison Sweeney at the top of a large canyon. They must cross the canyon by walking across two cables (one above and one below). The peak of the canyon is ten stories tall. The winner wins a $25,000 kitchen makeover and a restocked fridge by Jennie-O Turkey. Mike is afraid of heights. Filipe says he’s going to do it for Sione. Kristin calls the producers demented. And the race is on….

Ron stops after the first 40 feet. Filipe takes an early lead. Tara falls off completely and has to get back on the wire. She struggles to get her feet back on the cable but eventually gets back up. Mike is in second and Kristin is in third. Tara overtakes Mike with her “glide and step” combination. It’s a photo finish (ish) but Tara wins in 9 minutes, 14 seconds, about ten feet in front of Filipe.

Allison Sweeny officially announces Tara as the winner after all the contestants finish. It’s her tenth win of the season! She then tells them Tara isn’t the only one who gets a makeover because it’s makeover week! Tara says she’s excited to finally take care of herself. Kristin’s excited to see a visualization of how far they’ve come. Filipe jokes that he won’t have to work out this week if they cut his hair.

The contestants walk into Macy’s and find Tim Gunn waiting for them. Tara’s so excited when she see him, she runs up and gives him a hug. He announces that they’ll all be dressing for a Hollywood movie premiere.

Tim Gunn tells us this is going to be an emotional experience for the contestants because they will be all be shopping for a brand new body type. Mike impresses Tim with his (basic) fashion skills. Tim tells Tara to take some risks and show some skin. She jokes that she can’t because it’s a family show. Helen tells Tim that she’s overwhelmed by the experience because she believed all those clothes to be untouchable.

They put the contestants’ outfits on mannequins to shows us what their new fashion looks like. He also tells them they’ve all received a thousand dollar Macy’s gift card. Tabatha Coffey meets them at the salon to give them new hairstyles. Laura freaks out about her hairdo.

Helen’s husband, Russell, explains that it’s not really a movie premiere; it’s the premiere of their new looks. It’s a premiere for the contestants. Helen starts crying when she sees her husband and he tells her how beautiful she is to him. Tara’s mom, Cheryl is there to meet Tara. Her mom lost forty pounds and Tara tells her that she looks beautiful and returns the sentiment. Filipe goes to meet his wife, Levila and she starts crying right when she sees him. Kristin’s husband, Nick is there to meet her and just beams with pride. Laura’s best friend Monica is there to meet her with her new hairdo.

Becky and Max are there to meet Ron and Mike. Evidently, Ron’s never shaved his beard before. Max starts crying because he wishes he was experiencing the same thing. As soon as Mike walks out, Max goes up to hug him and starts crying harder. He says, “Now I’m the big one.” The rest of the family has to comfort him and tell him he’ll get there too. Mike pulls Max aside and tells him he’s not stuck like this because he has the ability to change. Max says that when he sees Mike, he just wants to be like Mike because he just wants to be seen as normal. In an interview, Max tells us Mike would do anything for him and that he inspires him. They have a long brotherly hug.

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