The Bachelor 13: Season Premiere Recap (Page 2/3)
The Bachelor 13: Season Premiere Recap (Page 2/3)
The first limo o' bimbos rolls up as Jason watches nervously. The first one to emerge is Lauren, who is wearing a satin leopard print number and who desperately needs some support in the décolleté area, if you know what I mean. It's kind of excruciating to watch these first introductions. The women are all desperately trying to make good impressions, and all Jason seems to do is repeat the last two words of everyone's sentences. (As in, Contestant: "I'm from Michigan." Jason: "From Michigan!") It must be awfully surreal to go on a blind date on national television. Do people really hug and kiss this much when meeting someone for the first time? I certainly don't. Uh oh, Jillian the Canadian is wearing an unfortunate body-hugging bronze sheath dress. She better step up her game.

After the (interminable) first introductions, Jason joins the 25 women inside. He gets one First Impression Rose to give to the woman who really blows him away. Shannon the dental hygienist shows off that she knows tons and tons of little details about him, which makes him kind of nervous. Dominique makes small talk about bunions and hammer toes. Quelle romance! Kari reads him some bad original poetry, and Jillian and some gal pals cook hot dogs in the kitchen. Jillian has a theory about what one's choice of hot dog topping says about one's character. (He chooses mustard, which means that he's someone you want to settle down with.)

Chris Harrison interrupts the event with the First Impression Rose. Nikki certainly makes a good impression with her breasts busting out of her dress. Raquel, who is from Brazil, steals him away to teach him how to dance, but then Molly cuts in. But then, snap, Raquel's back again because she wasn't done with him. Stephanie shares her sob story about losing her husband when her daughter was just 10 months old. Lauren, a seventh grade government teacher, gives Jason a pop quiz on the three branches of government. He gets up to get something for her, and everyone thinks that he's going after the First Impression Rose, but he really goes to get her a slice of cake because it's her birthday.

Once again, Chris Harrison interrupts to tell them a big twist. He has a lovely assistant bring in a box. It's a ballot box. Each of the contenders must place one name inside the box, and the woman who gets the most votes will have to leave. The girls freak out having to vote, and much drama ensues. Apparently, lots of people are voting Melissa off the island. Other women vote for Megan as punishment for leaving her 14-month-old child at home.

It's time for the First Impression Rose! He pulls Nikki aside and offers her the rose. She's the one with the super-duper low-cut dress. But, I should give Jason the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he likes her personality too.

It's now time to find out who gets voted off. Chris comes in to say that Jackie got the third most votes, Erica got the second most votes and, by far, the woman who received the most votes was Megan. But there's another twist: Megan will be leaving tonight, but she will be leaving with a rose (and therefore, not eliminated). She swears at the girls who stabbed her in the back. It is on, bitches! Way to be classy, Megan. In her confessional interview, she breaks down in tears because she is so obviously disliked by her competitors. The first tears of the season!

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