'Supernatural' Recap: Paris Hilton is a Homicidal Maniac (Page 1/4)
'Supernatural' Recap: Paris Hilton is a Homicidal Maniac (Page 1/4)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
THEN: Sam and Dean were reunited and it felt so good.  Except for the part about the impending Apocalypse.

NOW: It's Paris Hilton time!  Some fans have been dreading the arrival of special guest star Paris Hilton as her demonic self on this episode of Supernatural, but I've been counting down the days with my Paris Advent Calendar.  In anticipation, I came up with a check list of five things I want to see in the episode, with a possibility for six bonus points.  How did Supernatural do?  Keep reading to find out.

Together again, Dean wants to start over as a team, which means investigating some random mysterious death that has nothing to do with Lucifer or angels or the Apocalypse.  In other words, it's a totally retro season 1 episode.

It even starts with a random murder with two middle-aged men going gaga over Little Bastard, the infamous car James Dean was driving when he died.  Naturally, one of the guys dies suddenly when he appears to be slammed through the windshield, despite the fact that the car was parked.

Since Supernatural is following the classic season 1 structure, this cuts to the Winchesters driving into town, providing exposition on the suspicious murder.  Using fake classic rock names for their FBI identities, they infiltrate the police station and learn about the Little Bastard connection.

This leads to Sam doing research for past owners of the car in question while Dean visits a bar and hits on girls.  In other words, this episode is a complete copy of the traditional stand alone episodes, which is kind of cool.  It's fun to see how the same elements feel fresh now because everyone involved has had five seasons to smooth out all the rough edges.

As always, research is followed by a second murder.  This time it's a nerdy guy who gets killed in his home by Abraham Lincoln.  There is not enough weed on the planet for me to be able to come up with the crazy things Supernatural writers do.

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