Even actors are echoing the eco-friendly sentiments, and it’s one trend that we all don’t mind conforming to.  The Post Chronicle reports that Brothers and Sisters star Calista Flockhart is hoping to wed fiancé Harrison Ford soon, and she wants an environmentally-friendly wedding.

The couple has been dating since 2002, got engaged earlier this year, and is already hoping to tie the knot soon.  Flockhart, who plays Kitty Walker on Brothers and Sisters, couldn’t be happier about the upcoming eco-nuptials.

Kitty might be devastated at the news of her disease on the ABC show, but it’s lucky that’s far from what’s up with Calista in real life.  While we support her character on Brothers and Sisters, we’re even more ecstatic at what’s going on with the actress these days.

Flockhart’s soon-to-be husband Harrison Ford of Indiana Jones fame was quoted saying, “I haven’t thought about greening my wedding.  My wedding was always going to be green!”

Ford proposed to the Brothers and Sisters star on Valentine’s Day this year, during a holiday they spent with Calista’s adopted son Liam.  It was the child that made Harrison decide to marry, because he wanted to be a better parent.  He was initially reluctant given his record – twice divorced with four kids from those previous relationships.

The source stated that an insider said in the past, “Harrison wants to give Liam his name.  He adores him as though he were his own flesh and blood.  Harrison is the only dad Liam has ever known.”

And for Calista Flockhart, that’s certainly okay, just as long as she gets married before that happens.  “There is just one detail Harrison will have to take care of – marrying Calista,” the source went on.  “She says it is fine if Harrison adopts her boy, but she wants to walk down the aisle first.”

We’re only hoping this green wedding won’t end up as rocky as Kitty’s on Brothers and Sisters, but her relationship with Robert seems to be heading uphill now, isn’t it?

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Post Chronicle
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