It’s often said that on a first date, you shouldn’t discuss religion or politics.  In that case, Supernatural is two-for-two in bad date etiquette.

In the latest episode, Supernatural surely ticked off some red staters with its nightmarish vision of a post-apocalyptic future.  Not only was Lucifer ruling the world as a demonic virus wiped out most of the population, but the newspapers in Supernatural‘s fictitious 2014 added one more sign of the end of days: President Sarah Palin.

In the alternate future, the former governor of Alaska is the president of the United States, and she’s dropping bombs on Texas.  I guess she really doesn’t understand the Bush Doctrine, because rule number one is: Don’t mess with Texas.  Adding insult to injury, this dystopian future also featured a ban on all organized sports.

It’s a bit odd for Supernatural to get political, but I suppose the writers couldn’t resist the urge to take a jab at Sarah Palin.  However, it will be interesting to see if there’s any fallout.

Supernatural got into a bit of controversy earlier this season when fans tried to promote the season 5 premiere on Twiutter with the hash tag “#LuciferISComing.”  Anyone familiar with the show would find this amusing, but music mogul P. Diddy didn’t, and, fearing that Satanists were taking over Twitter, he responded by calling on his army of followers to fight back with the message “#GodIsHere.”

Will the Palin jab earn the same kind of response?  One year ago the media was abuzz with Palin mockery, even helping Tina Fey win an Emmy for her impression on Saturday Night Live.  Now with the recent news that Palin’s book is about to be released, it seems like the perfect time to jump back into the Palin spotlight, and Supernatural did just that.

Did Supernatural go too far, or was this just a harmless pop culture reference?  According to BuddyTV fans, 75 percent found the thought of Palin as president horrifying, while only 12 percent thought it was a dream come true.  Let us know what you think about President Sarah Palin on Supernatural.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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