Final Round: Vote for the 'Supernatural' Contest Winners
Final Round: Vote for the 'Supernatural' Contest Winners
The Supernatural fans came out in full force for BuddyTV's latest Supernatural contest for a chance to win a book of Supernatural essays or our grand prize, a companion guide signed by star Jared Padalecki.

Fans submitted their Supernatural photos, and now it's your turn to help decide who wins!  You guys voted for the first 160 entries narrowing it down to just the top 20. 

Now we have the final showdown. We took the top 5 from the 5 showdowns to create the finalists. If there were ties for 5th place BuddyTV decided. The final showdown will determine the final 5 winners. You can vote as many times as you want. However, once you have completed the showdown and continue to vote the same, the overall voting number does not change. You'll just be earning star points. Who knows, maybe you'll need those points to bid to win a Supernatural prize in future auctions. 

So if you want to win, go vote for your artwork and get all your friends to help out.  And if you didn't enter, play anyway and help decide who did the best job and truly deserves to win this awesome contest. Voting will end Wednesday, October 28, 2009. In case of a tie BuddyTV staff will decide. 

Check out the 20 entries below: 

Entry 17
BTV Steviie.jpg
Entry 20
Twitter AliStair_84.jpg
Entry 12
btv luvsamanddean.png
Entry 34Twitter Sarah_Loves_SPN.jpg
Entry 35
Twitter Soulsongxx.png
Entry 50
BTV lydiaspn1989 3.png
Entry 53
BTV Selaznog 2.png
Entry 80
Twitter xfelixfeliciusx 2.jpg
Entry 57
BTV StrangeWingz.png
Entry 63
Twitter cheermione 2.jpg
Entry 87
BTV faydust1989 2.png
Entry 111
Twitter Jlee42603.jpg
Entry 101
Twitter bratlupa.jpg
Entry 112
Twitter princess_schez 3.png
Entry 116
Twitter Stephanie93duh 3.jpg
Entry 128
Twitter BadBoySNFan 3.jpg
Entry 145
Twitter sawame.png
Entry 152
Twitter SPNfan86.jpg
Entry 154
Twitter SunnySideeggers 2.png
Entry 143
Twitter richierich006 2.jpg

Now that you've had a good look, lets get voting