'Raising Hope' Brings You Stuff: Pain-Free Tweezers and Greg Garcia's Money
'Raising Hope' Brings You Stuff: Pain-Free Tweezers and Greg Garcia's Money
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Were you intrigued by the pain-free tweezers mentioned on last night's episode of Raising Hope? Of course you were! Who wouldn't be fascinated by the concept of tweezers that tweeze without pain? Obviously everyone is going to need to rush out and investigate this amazing invention!

That seems to be the thinking at Raising Hope anyway. The tweezers, mentioned briefly by Burt when bidding adieu to his wife's stalker, seem to promise the impossible. But Raising Hope likes to share the impossible with its viewers.

Do you need proof of this? Then check out the infomercial, starring the cast of Raising Hope and a few guests:

While I can't say that the advertising concept appealed to me (hair removal isn't a subject I try to think about extensively), I can't help but be amused by Shelly's little "Pain-Free Tweezers" ditty. Maybe it's just because I love everything she does. That's probably it.

You don't have to restrict yourself to one little video when exploring the Pain-Free Tweezers universe. Oh no, there's a website. As stated on the show, a quick trip to www.painfreetweezers.com should allow you to make this incredible purchase.

Not that they'll take your money or actually send you tweezes. But still.

Greg Garcia Giveaways on Twitter
If Pain-Free Tweezers aren't the Raising Hope paraphernalia you were wanting, then maybe you should follow the show's creator, Greg Garcia on Twitter. Not only can you be amused by the guy who comes up with all of this insanity, you can -- if you're lucky and/or diligent -- even get free stuff from him.

It seems that, with Raising Hope finishing up its first season of production, that Garcia is bored. Ergo, excessive and bizarre Twitter use. In this case, those who follow @whoisgreggarcia have the chance to win things. Things like Raising Hope hats and money. Whenever he feels like it, apparently, Garcia tweets instructions or a phone number. The first (or best) person to respond wins.

For example, on April 29, this tweet appeared:

GregGarciaTwitterStuff.jpgApparently that was the pay phone at a gas station where Garcia happened to be. If you believe Twitter, someone actually got the $100.

Will Greg Garcia keep giving away random stuff via Twitter? If he stays bored, it seems quite possible.

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