Lost: Episode 5.10 "He's Our You" Recap (Page 1/4)
Lost: Episode 5.10 "He's Our You" Recap (Page 1/4)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on Lost: Jack, Kate and Hurley set up shop as the newest members of the DHARMA Initiative while Sayid was arrested under suspicion of being a Hostile.  A young Ben brought Sayid a mustard-less sandwich.

This episode of Lost is brought to you by pronouns: why use just one when three can make your episode title thrice as confusing. It starts in Iraq as a young boy is ordered by his father to kill a chicken. He can’t do it, but the boy’s younger brother walks over and chokes the chicken without a second thought. As you might have guessed, the boy who killed the chicken is Sayid.

Back in 1977, which is actually around the same year as the “flashback,” Young Ben shows up with another sandwich for Sayid. When he gives it to him, he asks if Richard sent him, suggesting that he might be able to help Sayid escape. At least now we know how long Ben has been creepy.

If you thought the time jumps were over, think again. Sayid is in Moscow tracking down some Russian to assassinate him. We’re back to the time when he was a contract killer on Ben’s payroll, and when the hit is done, Ben tells him that this was the last person on his list, so Sayid is free to do whatever he wants.

An ironic edit takes us from that “free” Sayid to the one in prison on the Island. Horace and Radzinsky try to interrogate him, but Sayid doesn’t say anything. Maybe that’s because Horace Goodspeed is a pudgy hippie with long red hair. I’ve seen My Little Ponies that are scarier than him.

Juliet burns her bacon as she worries that the arrival of their friends from the future will spell the end of their happy life in DHARMA-Ville. It’s amusing how three years have passed and everyone seems to be resigned to the fact that they will finish up their lives in the 1970s.

Sawyer promises to fix it, so he goes to Sayid with a solution. Sawyer asks Sayid to go along with the lie that he’s a Hostile who wants to defect so that they can keep living their lives in DHARMA-Ville, but Sayid wants no part in it.

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