Lost: 100th Episode, "The Variable" Recap (Page 1/5)
Lost: 100th Episode, "The Variable" Recap (Page 1/5)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on Lost: 99 episodes of excitement, mystery, drama and brilliance.  Also, Daniel Faraday returned to the Island in 1977.  It's also important to remember that Faraday's mother is Mrs. Hawking, his research benefactor was Charles Widmore, his lab assistant Theresa was mysteriously injured and Desmond is his Constant.

Picking up where we left off with Desmond, Penny rushes him to the hospital where the doctors promise to take good care of him.  In the waiting room, a familiar face shows up: Mrs. Hawking.  She apologizes for the fact that her son was the one who led Desmond to this fate.  More importantly, how did Mrs. Hawking get to the hospital so quickly?

30 Years Ago: Daniel Faraday gets off the submarine on the Island.  He's back because he saw a photo of Jack, Kate and Hurley and is desperate to figure out how they got back.  He rushes over to Jack's and wakes him up in the middle of the night, rambling like a mad man.  It'a a miracle that he ever makes any friends with his insanitry.

Jack tells him about Faraday's mother, and Daniel clearly has some mommy issues because his response is that she was wrong and Jack wasn't supposed to come back.

Flashback: As a young boy, Faraday practices the piano while his overbearing mother pressures him to work harder and study more.  She doesn't want him to waste time with leisure activities, telling him that he has a special destiny.  He thinks he can have both a work life and a social life, claiming he can "make time."  Mrs. Hawking knows better, or does she.  I suspect if she really wanted, she could literally create time.

1977: Moving from one place to another like a mosquito, Faraday drives off to the Orchid to create the scene from the opening of this season with the tiny accident in the cave.  This time, we see him confront Dr. Chang, insisting that everyone be evacuated from the Island because a similar accident will occur at the construction for the Swan Station in just six hours, only it will be much, much bigger.

Obviously Chang doesn't believe a word this mad man says, a fact that is furthered when Faraday claims he';s a time traveler and Miles is Chang's infant son.  For an allegedly smart man, Dr. Chang is stupid enough to believe Miles, who denies all of Faraday's ranting.

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