Edelstein on Cuddy Episode on 'House': Sex and Nudity?
Edelstein on Cuddy Episode on 'House': Sex and Nudity?
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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Sure, Lisa Edelstein has always been candid (borderline racy in fact) on her interviews, but that's just the thing: half the time, you can't quite figure out if she's just teasing or she's already revealing some major plotlines.

After a very interesting Wilson-centric episode on House, Cuddy takes center stage on the Fox medical drama. Its February 8 episode, Edelstein tells Entertainment Weekly, will cover everything - from "some sexual activity" to "some partial nudity" - "I kind of do all of it!" she exclaims.

The Cuddy-centric episode will figure to be a day-in-the-life kind of thing. "It lets you know what her world is like when you don't' see her. When House (Hugh Laurie) does what he does. You see everything she has to deal with, and you get a better understanding of where she's coming from."

Of course, first thing on any Cuddy-centric episode agenda (or perhaps most interesting) has something to do with her love life, which is currently being fulfilled by PI Lucas, to the eternal chagrin of Huddy fans. As for Edelstein, she reveals that while she also roots for Huddy somehow, she admits that the timing just "sucks."

"As soon as he was emotionally prepared to give [a relationship] a shot, she kind of gave up. But I'm rooting for them."

This does not mean, of course, that the upcoming Cuddy episode will be devoid of flesh and sex. "Actually," she says, "there's some sexual activity, there's some partial nudity...  The writer, Tommy Moran, said he couldn't imagine writing an episode without having me take a shower."

As for Lucas, Edelstein thinks that the fact that he's a "normal" guy offers a good perspective, that her character Cuddy is just trying it out - "I know from my own experience that when you have really bad taste in men, sometimes you just go, 'Oh, Okay, this is the guy that somebody else would date. So I'm going to see how that flies.'"

Catch House when it returns next year.

Source: Entertainment Weekly
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