Top Ten Most Worthless TV Characters
The phrase "Most Worthless" may sound a little harsh; I don't exactly mean it that way. Many of the characters on this list I actually like. It's just that they serve little purpose on an otherwise entertaining TV show. It's difficult to juggle so many story lines if you're crafting a long-running TV show. Characters who were once integral may fall out of favor. Some are forgotten for good, some are eventually reborn in a significant role. It's impossible for the creator of a show to envision where a character will be, where a character's story will end up, when they are created. Sometimes beloved characters get into ruts that take a number of episodes to get out of. Some characters are simply ill-conceived but, for plot purposes, they must remain on the show in limited, cursory roles.
My list is a personal opinion, but I think we can reach at least some agreement on it. I've included a couple of hosts on the list and, although they aren't characters per se, they do encapsulate a certain persona. Share your comments, disagreements, and anything else below. Who are your nominees for most worthless TV characters? Click below to get started.
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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer