In less than four weeks LOST will finally resume its third season with sixteen back-to-back, rerun free weeks of forays into the islands deepest mysteries. What an opportune time to check the score-card! What vital mysteries remain from season one? Will these items be answered once and for all, or will the LOST producers continue to find clever ways to keep us away from the truth…

1. The Cable – The discovery of the cable is probably the first appearance of Dharma equipment on the island, or is it? While the cable indeed led Sayid in the general direction of that maniacal hermit Danielle, where the cable came from, as well as its purpose, remain a mystery. Many argue, from subsequent episodes – particularly ‘Numbers’ – that the cable is Danielle’s power supply, but in reality it seems to terminate quite a ways away from the whack-a-do’s camp. Is it a communications cable? Does it go to an underwater hatch? Maybe we’ll find out this season. 2. How Locke was paralyzed. They say we will finally know this year. Personally, I think it has something to do with those two apes that were after Locke’s daddy. But we will definitely find out soon. 3. Why was the pilot killed instantly? He seemed like a good guy, why did smokey make such a snap judgment on him? Were others killed that we didn’t know about? Was the pilot connected to the crash? 4. What are the whispers? They seem to be more prominent when the others are around, and sometimes they mimic voices from the characters pasts. Are they part of an all new force we haven’t seen? A symptom of the sickness? Time will, or will not, tell. 5. Where is the radio tower? And more importantly, why wasn’t Sayid digging through the Swan stations trash for the components needed to amplify that puppy and radio their way to freedom. For some reason, all the Losties seem totally disinterested in tracking the tower down, probably their best chance for communicating with the outside world. Will we finally see the tower this season? 6. What is with the watches? The reason Jin and Sun, presumably, were on the plan was to deliver watches for Sun’s daddy. The mission was so important, that in the finale we saw how Sun’s dad dispatched a goon in a bad Hawaiian shirt to ensure that Jin complete his mission – or else. Are the watches out of the game? 7. How did Charlie end up on the beach? In fact, Charlie strapped himself in near the cockpit, which we know crashed a few miles inland, so how did he get to the beach? 8. How did Jack wind up so far away from the other survivors? Jack was belted in, so how did he land hundreds of feet away? And more importantly, how could he survive being thrown that far? 9. Who are Adam and Eve? Why did they have black and white stones in little pouches? Could it be that they are merely a visual cue for how long humans have been becoming stranded there? Or do the stones represent a greater purpose? That’s all I have for season one. Anybody want to tack on some season two mysteries in comments?

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