The female catfight is a grand tradition of television in which two women scratch and claw at each other in an epic feud. Sometimes it’s silly and ridiculous, full of hair-pulling and name-calling, while other times the battle can be intense and action-packed. Here are my 10 favorite examples of catfights on tv shows.

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#10 Joy vs. Liberty, My Name Is Earl

Joy battled her archenemy and half-sister Liberty in the ring at an event for the Black Ladies of Wrestling. Lady Liberty was the heroine while Joy donned a white hood to play the Klanimal, and the result was an awesomely vicious beatdown that ended when Joy lost after realizing she and Liberty aren’t so different after all.

Joy vs. Liberty, My Name Is Earl

#9 Blair vs. Serena, Gossip Girl

These frenemies finally crossed the line on a trip to Yale in season 2 and Blair used Serena’s deep, dark, murderous secret against her. What followed was a hair-pulling, clothes-ripping catfight where Serena even got to rip Blair’s stupid headband off her head.

Blair vs. Serena, Gossip Girl

#8 Nora vs. Holly, Brothers and Sisters

The hatred between the matriarch of the Walkers and the woman her husband had a long-term affair with reached a tipping point at the opening of Holly and Tommy’s winery, leading to an awesome food fight in the kitchen that got incredibly messy, but also allowed the two older ladies to work through their feelings.

Nora vs. Holly, Brothers and Sisters

#7 Haley and Quinn vs. Taylor, One Tree Hill

Take three sisters and a pool and you have the perfect recipe for a catfight. The family feud was a long-time coming as Taylor consistently tried to steal every man her sisters wanted, and the best part of the catfight was that the men just stood by and watched while drinking their beers.

Haley and Quinn vs. Taylor, One Tree Hill

#6 Spencer vs. Mona, Pretty Little Liars

Normally a very level-headed overachiever, Spencer was on a downward spiral after breaking up with Toby. Finally reaching her breaking point, Spencer made a known sociopath look almost sane as she jumped across the table going after Mona’s jugular and yelling “DIE!” Spencer’s message: Don’t mess with her friends, or her debate team.

Spencer vs. Mona, Pretty Little Liars

#5 Sarah vs. Heather, Chuck

Bad-ass Sarah had many, many catfights with female assassins and spies, but the most memorable one was with her old high school enemy Heather Chandler (played by Nicole Richie). They met up at a reunion and when it turned out Heather was working for the bad guys, the two had an epic high school fight, complete with a scene in the girls’ locker room shower.

Sarah vs. Heather, Chuck

#4 Olivia vs. Fauxlivia, Fringe

The show wasted very little time giving fans a brawl between Olivia and her alternate universe doppelganger. They came face-to-face, tried to use their words to work things out, but when that failed, the catfight was on and we learned that blondes not only have more fun, but more fighting skills.

Olivia vs. Fauxlivia, Fringe

#3 Buffy vs. Faith, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

For most of season 3, a fight between good Slayer Buffy and rogue Slayer Faith was inevitable. It finally happened in the finale, “Graduation Day, Part 1,” when Buffy showed up because he needed Faith’s blood to cure Angel. The two traded witty banter before an awesome fight sequence that led to the roof, a brief bit where they were handcuffed together, and ultimately to Buffy stabbing Faith, only to have leap off the building onto a passing truck to get away.

Buffy vs. Faith, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

#2 Alexis vs. Krystle, Dynasty

This prime-time soap helped to make catfights stylish thanks to Joan Collins’ Alexis Carrington. Wearing fabulous gowns and throwing some of the most unrealistic slaps and punches ever, the lady brawls from this show were wonderfully silly and over-the-top. There were many to choose from, but the winner has to be the catfight that found the two ladies dripping wet in a lily pond.

alexis vs krystle dynasty catfight

#1 Sydney vs. Faux Francie, Alias

In season 2, Sydney Bristow’s best friend was replaced by an evil assassin who used a genetic technology to replicate her. Sydney finally figured it out in the season 2 finale (“I just remembered, Francie doesn’t like coffee ice cream”) and that led to the most epic fight TV has ever seen. For two-and-a-half straight minutes of pure action, Alias gave fans the most well-choreographed, edited and performed female catfight scene TV has ever seen.

Sydney vs. Faux Francie, Alias

Thanks for reading! Whether you’re a fan of girl-on-girl action or not, I hope you found this list of top 10 female catfights on tv shows interesting. Do you have a favorite that I didn’t mention?

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