Top 10 Best TV Moments of 2006
2006 was a great year for TV. I won't argue with you about this. We are in a golden age of television and we need to embrace it. I can't remember a time in my life where more shows were indispensible viewing. We've had some great new shows and some returning programs that have either stepped it up considerably or aged gracefully. Given all this, it would be obvious that the year would also give us a multitude of memorable moments. And it has. The surprising twists were there. The poignant moments were there. The heart-wrenching sad moments were there. So, what makes the list?
This is my list of what I think are the best TV moments of the year. These were the moments that stood out and meant the most to me as a watcher. The medium of television is perfect for creating the perfect moment. Moments that the show and characters have earned over hours and hours of television. These moments rewarded the loyal viewers. Without further ado, click below to start the list.
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