NBC’s Heroes traveled into hiatus with some shocking revelations caught in its tailwind: Is Peter the exploding man, or just the recipient of some tainted Nyquil? Is Isaac seeing the future, or just Hiro’s delusions of sword wielding grandeur? And about that Haitian guy who supposedly couldn’t talk, what secret did he tell Claire? Oh, and let’s not forget Sylar – will he make it out of Horn Rimmed Glasses guy’s top secret prison to menace society once again? Beware jumps bearing spoilers!

While the long term vision for Heroes’ first season is still out of focus, it is clear the same general overarching themes remain: New York citizens are still in danger of becoming toast and raisins, and power sucking sociopath Sylar is still at large. This could mean that the season will end sort of the way its first half changed, which would be a bit odd, or in an entirely different place altogether.

Ramblings on the silicon paved streets of the internet indicate that Peter, as foreshadowed in ‘fallout’, is going to become far more powerful than Sylar. If that is the case, what is the long term plan with Peter? Is he the “Superman” of the justice league? Or will he avert his nuclear fate only to become a more purposed threat as next seasons villain? And when is Hiro getting contacts, a poney tail, and that bitchin sword?

We have some answers, a couple at least….


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