The word from various spoiler outlets, especially our expert Isabelle (who runs SpoilerFix), is that there will be a pregnancy sometime this season on Grey’s Anatomy. Now, this hasn’t been confirmed and is largely speculation. However, if someone does get pregnant, who is it going to be? Given the general friskiness of the female characters, there are many possibilities for who ends up with a bun in the oven. These are the candidates.
Unlikely: Dr. Miranda Bailey She just had a kid and her having another one wouldn’t accomplish much dramatically. Also, I’m guessing that whoever does get pregnant, it will be by a main character. Weirder Things Have Happened: Dr. Izzie Stevens Story-wise, she’s already got enough to deal with. It would be interesting if her and Karev got it on, but I think that would really hamper those two characters in the long run, considering how young they are. Maybe, But Probably Not: Dr. Meredith Grey Meredith could be the one, maybe, but they already had a fake-Meredith pregnancy earlier in the season, so, for that reason, I don’t find it likely. It would have to be Derek who’d be the father, which would be a nice subplot, but I still don’t think they’d make the main character pregnant. Dr. Cristina Yang It would be an interesting subplot if Preston Burke, the man who took Cristina under his wing, got her pregnant, thus stalling her development as a doctor. I still don’t think the writers would want to take Cristina in this direction, although I think it’d be interesting to see how her character (and Burke) would react. The Favorites: Dr. Addison Montgomery This is the one I’m rooting for. Think of the dramatic ramifications if Addison got pregnant with McSteamy’s child. The conflict and tension at the hospital would be astounding, especially if it occurs on the heels of Derek and Addison getting back on good terms. Dr. Callie Torres It seems obvious that George and Callie will be re-uniting in the near future and, seeing as Torres’ doctorial skills are the least important of the characters on Grey’s, she seems the likely mom. Also, her character seems like one who would have her baby regardless of the situation of the father, thus putting George in a tough situation. This is a fun topic to speculate about, but this storyline will likely not come as a surprise. I’m guessing there will be at least a couple episodes of foreshadowing prior, giving the audience at least a vague idea of who it’s going to be. Only a couple more weeks, fans, until the next new Grey’s Anatomy. -Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV