The not-so-unexpected cancellation of LOST’s would be stop-gap, Day Break, left what few fans the show had in the middle of an enigma. Just what forces were behind Detective Hopper’s stuck-in-time dilemma? Originally hailed as a short-term mystery with a conclusive resolution, will Day Break fans ever know the fate of their time-bound hero?

The good news for the small number of watchers is that ABC will continue the series to its conclusion online. Since Day Break was bought and paid for, and wrapped production earlier this month, ABC will use the series to bolster its selection of online programming.

Currently, the plan is to release new episodes to the web on their usual day and time, Wednesday’s at 9:00pm EST. Once editing is complete, however, the entire series may be made available on ITunes, which would allow really dedicated fans to wrap the series up even quicker.