Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.8 "These Ties That Bind" Recap (Page 4/4)
Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.8 "These Ties That Bind" Recap (Page 4/4)
Unfortunately, the patient dies, and Callie freaks out. She succeeded in making a new titanium skeleton for him, but everyone else failed keep him alive. She finally begins to grieve at losing Hahn and weeps and weeps, and it's incredibly sad. Cristina and Mark clear everyone out so that they can let Callie cry on their shoulders. Then Cristina, figuring out what the interns are doing, tells them to shut down their secret operation. Of course, it doesn't really happen because next week on Grey's Anatomy, the interns' secret practice sessions get out of control.

At the end of the episode, Bailey thanks Dixon for her work, but Dixon is no dope. She says that she may have significant impairment in social situations, due to the Asperger's, but she knows when she's being manipulated, and she knows what Bailey did.

Back at home in bed, Derek wants Mer to tell him the stories about Sadie. She agrees as long as he swears himself to secrecy.

At the bar, Callie, Mark and Cristina have drinks. Mark apparently really does have eyes for Little Grey. Cristina runs after Major McHottie outside the bar. He flinches when he notices her there. She expresses that she's sorry that they lost their patient today. He rudely yells that he doesn't need her to be sorry, and then roughly kisses her. This guy really has great people skills, no?

Izzie apologizes to Denny about all their lost chances. She wants to let him go so that his soul will be at peace. She says good-bye. Alex watches all of this. He finds her at home fondling Denny's sweater. Whatever it is that she's going through, he knows he can help, so she asks him to burn Denny's clothes. But it doesn't work because Denny is waiting for her upstairs. She freaks out ever more, but finally decides to touch him to test his corporealness. Woah, she's really on the crazy train now. The episode ends with them in a major liplock.

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