Grey's Anatomy: Season Finale Part 1 "Here's to the Future" Recap (Page 3/4)
Grey's Anatomy: Season Finale Part 1 "Here's to the Future" Recap (Page 3/4)

The Chief announces to Arizona that Bailey just performed a first in Seattle Grace. Arizona is a little irked because she plans to have Bailey assist her in some peds surgery. When Bailey goes away, Arizona tells the Chief that she's going to cry and she wants him to ignore it. Blinking back tears, she tells him that she's mad at him because he's her boss and he reminds her or her dad. She says it's bad to lure Bailey to surgery via robots, and in peds, there are no robots, only kids, which are not as fun as robots. She vows to fight him for Bailey.

Izzie tells Alex that she decided not to have surgery. He, again, shouts at her and says it's for the best blah blah, it's her last chance blah blah, it's also my life at stake here blah blah. Man Alex is just easily irritable. He practically orders Izzie to have the surgery, and her cancery eyes don't work on him anymore.

Meanwhile, Derek is scolding Cristina for crossing the line, and Meredith says it's her fault. Cristina says she's going - unless Derek plans to apologize. He gives her the look and she goes. Meredith talks about her mother and that Elis was no longer herself because she lost her memory. Derek tells her she made it personal, so she better go back to Izzie and change her mind. What happened to marital bliss?

Owen pulls Cristina into a storeroom and talks about her mother and his commitment to the army. He tells her that he decided to go back to Iraq. Cristina says he doesn't have her support.

Charlie goes up to Callie and George and tries to apologize. He proceeds to romanticize war and soldiers and the camera pans and focuses on George arching his eyebrow, which probably means a thought is brewing in his head. He compares his being a solider to Callie's being a doctor.

Izzie complains that Alex and she are already fighting to Allison, who cracks a joke about make-up sex and Snow White. She assures Izzie that Alex will come around.

Meredith wants Cristina and her to explain again to Izzie her options, and confesses that she practically threatened Izzie to not get that surgery. Cristina gets a page, and Izzie is trying to revive Allison. Cristina takes over.

On the amputation of Charlie's leg, Callie wants someone to remind her why she's doing it as she holds on to a drill. Owen tries to convince Callie that they're doing the right thing, and they begin when we hear the sawing sound.

While operating on Allison, Dr. Swender and Cristina argue about something, and Swender gets defensive and asks her if she thought it was her fault. She admits, though, that sometimes the toxins that they use for therapy kill the patient.

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