Grey's Anatomy: Season Finale Part 1 "Here's to the Future" Recap (Page 2/4)
Grey's Anatomy: Season Finale Part 1 "Here's to the Future" Recap (Page 2/4)
Izzie continues to mull over the choice she has to make. Alex doesn't want to make the decision, neither do Yang and Izzie.

Back to Charlie, George asks him why he is so determined to go back to Iraq and is even willing to lose his leg. Charlie calls his Iraq family his "real family" as opposed to the family he grew up with.

Dr. Swender shows Yang the brain scans of a cancer patient who successfully overcame cancer with therapy, and says Izzie should be patient.

Meanwhile, Bailey is having a go at her new toy, and she's obviously very, very happy. She's like a kid, making light saber noises and such. This is obviously a ploy by the Chief to get Bailey to stay in general surgery, and it's working wonderfully.

Meredith points out to Yang that Izzie may not have enough time to whether through the therapy. Suddenly, Derek comes in and notices something weird, but quickly heads out, with Meredith following her.

Meredith preps up Izzie for surgery and shows a series of images in flashcards. A dog. An airplane. And Izzie gets annoyingly specific. Derek starts putting the right hemisphere of her brain to sleep and she needs to remember the images - dog, plane, house.  Izzie continues to mouth the sequence then stops. When asked, she couldn't say it. She can't identify it. She tries to say the word dog, and is unable to. She can't say Meredith's name. Oh no. A preview of things to come? Scary.

The experiment proves, apparently, that the surgery may not be the best path for Izzie, but Derek being stubborn, still wants to go for it. Alex has a talk with Derek outside, while Meredith closes the door and tells Izzie that she's not having the surgery. Alex wants Derek to talk to her as a friend and not as a doctor. Alex asks Derek what he'd do if it were Meredith who had cancer. He says Izzie is the one good thing that happened to him. Derek says he would ask Mer to have the surgery.

Meredith tells Izzie what happened, that she didn't know Meredith's name, or who Alex was. Apparently, the tumor is sitting right at the center of everything that she was. And for a moment, she was gone. Creepy.

Izzie consults fellow cancer patient Allison, and tells her that she's permanently hallucinating. Allison says she had been careless as a college kid and told Izzie that she had 15 surgeries until she says enough, and then the therapy worked. Now her brain tumor is gone. There's no way Izzie will have that surgery now.

Back to Charlie, Callie tries to talk him out of the amputation as Owen watches on. Charlie yells at Callie that while he's not sure of the decision, he's sure that he's in hell right now. He adds that nothing scares him now.

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