'Big Brother 11' Recap: The Second Person Evicted Is... (Page 2/3)
'Big Brother 11' Recap: The Second Person Evicted Is... (Page 2/3)
Laura, smarter than everyone in the house combined, calls out Russell and Ronnie and exposes Ronnie for his utter stupidity and the fact that he's been lying to everyone.

Ronnie's only defense is to say he won't be put on the spot, but he is, and while he keeps repeating his name and rank, everyone else agrees that Ronnie is a total liar and everyone hates him.

He even gets Russell and Laura to bond over the fact that Ronnie is a huge damn liar.   Ronnie tries to deflect the fight by saying Laura threw Jordan under the bus.  Laura admits it, and the focus turns right back to Ronnie.  Wow, Ronnie is so damn screwed, and I love, love, LOVE Laura.

Like a scared little boy, Ronnie hides in his room.  Big Brother orders him to go to the Diary Room, and everyone is waiting outside to attack him.  HAHAHAHA, SUCK IT, RONNIE!!!

Russell taunts Ronnie by just badgering him nonstop.  It's a total douche move, but since Ronnie is so terrible, I'm OK with this otherwise unacceptable verbal torture.  It's actually so insane that it's funny, because Russell just keeps poking and prodding Ronnie, knowing there's nothing the nerd can do.

Ronnie cries because he's all alone and nobody likes him, but this is one of those situations where he built his own house, now he needs to live in it.

Chenny talks to the HGs, and Natalie explains that everyone is united in the house against one common enemy.  I don't think one HG has ever been such a huge outcas in the history of Big Brother.

Chen-a-Len-a-Ding-Dong has a one-on-one with HoH Ronnie and she wants to know why Ronnie has been playing so stupidly/.  He claims he's solid in his relationship with Jessie and Natalie.  Ronnie thinks his time locked in his room was designed to earn sympathy, and he believes five other HGs are on his side.

Jordan, dumb as ever, gives an annoying speech, and Laura is smart, poised and basically my favorite HG around.  How the hell did Lady McBoobies become so awesome?

Live Eviction Vote!

Jeff votes to evict...LAURA.
Jessie votes to evict...LAURA.
Natalie votes to evict...JORDAN.  Ooh, intrigue!!!
Casey votes to evict...LAURA.
Russell votes to evict...LAURA.
Kevin votes to evict...LAURA.  Boo, that seals her fate.
Lydia votes to evict...LAURA.
Chima votes to evict...LAURA.
Michele votes to evict...LAURA.

By a vote of 8-1, Laura is evicted from the Big Brother house.  Well, that sucked.

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