'Big Brother 11' Recap: The Second Person Evicted Is... (Page 3/3)
'Big Brother 11' Recap: The Second Person Evicted Is... (Page 3/3)
Laura is fine with leaving, because she was able to take Ronnie down as she went down. She also thinks the rest of the HGs are a bunch of idiots if they don't evict Ronnie next week.  Uh oh, given the general stupidity level of the HGs, I'm scared.

Ronnie acts like a douche in closing and leaves a message saying if Laura hadn't exposed him, she'd still be around.  That's a lie, because there was no way Laura wasn't going home.

Head of Household Competition:

Chen puns it up with some awful bee puns.  There's a weird honeycomb formation and the HGs must use a weird see saw skee ball ramp to launch a ball into the pot, and whoever gets the most points wins.

Michelle gets 4 points
Jessie gets 6 points
Kevin gets 5 points
Natalie gets 2 points
Lydia gets 1 point
Russell gets 5 points
Chima gets 3 points
Jordan gets 3 points
Jeff gets 6 points
Casey gets 1 point

It's a tie between Jessie and Jeff, two of the athletes, but on opposite sides.  It's time for a tie-breaker.

Jessie gets 6 points
Jeff gets 1 point


Why?  Why?  There is no God.  I said it last week, but now I'm even more certain.  Jessie is the HoH for a second week, which means more of his insufferable nonsense.  At least it means Jeff is safe.

Jessie acts like a douchebag, as expected, and then the Chenster gets Casey to cry by mentioning the fact that his little son recently turned 1.

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