'Big Brother 13' Spoilers: Which Celebrity Visited the House?
'Big Brother 13' Spoilers: Which Celebrity Visited the House?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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I put myself on suicide watch following Rachel's second HoH win on Big Brother 13, but now I'm good. Many of the other HGs have confronted her about her cockiness and ability to turn people off, so theoretically, she should be better now. But she isn't, of course, so I've just accepted that she's incapable of being a good person.

And as much as I hate her, the fact is that during her Big Brother career, she's played in five HoH competitions and won four of them, which is an incomparably impressive statistic.

WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

This week the HGs got to play in a luxury competition where they had to guess a celebrity, and it was David Hasselhoff. And after Jordan won, David Hasselhoff showed up. Yes, the Hoff was in the house, and, in a sheer coincidence that I'm sure was in no way planned, he's featured on the premiere of Same Name, airing on CBS Sunday at 9pm, right after the Big Brother 13 episode this competition will be on. Wow, isn't that convenient for cross-promotional purposes.

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Even weirder, the "prize" was to watch the first episode of Same Name. Jordan got to bring her partner plus two others, and she chose Kalia and Shelly. What a fortunate turn of events that this luxury just happened to come this week.

As usual, Rachel had another meltdown because she didn't win, so expect more "crying in the bushes" style shenanigans on Sunday. It seems they're quite angry that Jeff and Jordan didn't take them, especially since Rachel is HoH and therefore deserves to be waited on day and night by everyone else.

The best thing about this season is how much everyone else is aware of Rachel's nonsense. Jordan, Jeff, Daniele, Brendon and Shelly have all had serious talks with her about not being too arrogant and how she shouldn't fight in front of the other HGs. Then Rachel caused another scene after losing and not getting her way, so now even Rachel's biggest defenders have given up hope of making her a better person.

Also, while Rachel and Brendon were enjoying her HoH room last night, Jordan was outside telling Shelly and Kalia about how she found crusty "stains" all over Brenchel's sheets (which is the grossest thing ever).

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