The Top 10 dancers on So You Think You Can Dance partnered with the all-stars, and the result was a pretty great night. In a surprising twist, the three ballroom routines were among the best while Emmy winner Tyce Diorio choreographed some clunkers.

To me, it seems obvious that the finale will feature Melanie, Marko, Sasha and Jess, making the next two weeks moot, but maybe I’m wrong. Let’s get to the live results show.

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Cat Deeley’s hair is now pulled back into a bun and she’s got giant earrings on. Tonight the votes determine the bottom two guys and girls, and then the judges get to eliminate one of each. This is my first time all season watching a So You Think You Can Dance results show without the aid of my fast forward button, which is distressing.

Cat confesses that she had a huge crush on Doogie Howser, but Neil Patrick Harris is even more awesome by essentially bashing the American Idol group numbers as totally lame. Zing!


Mitchell Kelly is … IN THE BOTTOM 4
Melanie Moore is … SAFE
Tadd Gadduang is … SAFE

No surprises so far.


Marko Germar is … SAFE
Sasha Mallory is … SAFE
Clarice Ordaz is … IN THE BOTTOM 4

Woohoo, I’m six out of six in terms of predictions so far.


The Top 8 will dance with this impressive list of all-stars:

Ivan Koumaev (season 2)
Jaimie Goodwin (season 3)
Anya Garnis (season 3)
Pasha Kovalev (season 3)
Lauren Gottlieb (season 3)
Neil Haskell (season 3)
Ade Obayomi (season 5)
Lauren Froderman (season 7 winner)

That’s a whole lot of season 3, and I’m most excited for Neil to be back since I adore him. Whatever girl gets Ade is the luckiest because he’s an amazing partner, and Pasha is gonna be overworked this summer as one of the only ballroom guys. This list probably means two ballroom (Pasha and Anya), two hip-hop (Ivan and Lauren Gottlieb) and the other four can do contemporary, jazz or Broadway. We’ll also get Lady Gaga and director Rob Marshall as guest judges, which should make for some crazy moments.

Jess LeProtto is … SAFE
Ricky Jaime is … IN THE BOTTOM 4

Ciatlynn Lawon is … SAFE
Jordan Casanova is … IN THE BOTTOM 4

Oh yeah, I was 100 percent right about the bottom four.


Clarice: She rocks, with a fun, musical routine that’s sexy and shows off how much flexibility and control she has. It might be the most I’ve ever liked her.

Mitchell: He does his solo with a scarf, which is very distracting and makes it look more like rhythmic gymnastics than dancing.

Jordan:  Meh, it was just OK, but I’d send her home over Clarice based on the solos.

Ricky: By virtue of not dancing with a scarf, he wins, but he’s also a lot better than Mitchell with acrobatic flips.


First of all, Snoop Dogg takes a few steps, says “Blush” twice, then slowly meanders off the stage before returning at the end to rap a bit. He’s become a parody of himself. As for Blush themselves, if you wish there was an Asian version of the Spice Girls or the Pussycat Dolls, only not as talented as those women, this is the group for you.


Nigel Lythgoe rambles on and on about how everyone is good and even the all-stars were once in the bottom, but the decisions are unanimous.

Mitchell Kelly and Clarice Ordaz are eliminated!

So my predictions this morning were exactly right on every single level, so I rule and I can’t say I’m surprised at all. It doesn’t really matter, since Ricky and Jordan will probably be going next week anyway.

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