The veterans remained in power for the second week of Big Brother 13, but you might not be able to tell it by Rachel’s attitude. This week she voluntarily took two weeks of slop and cried in the bushes after getting into a fight with Jeff, showing some problems for the Veteran Alliance. But things remained solid and Cassi, who Rachel wanted out all along, is on the block.

'Big Brother 13' Recap: Week 2 Eviction and the New HoH

Now let’s get to the live show, the live eviction, and the live HoH competition to see if the veterans can make it three in a row.

The “previously on” ender, which may be my single favorite thing about Big Brother 13, is Rachel saying “No wonder America hates me,” followed b an exasperated Brendon saying “Oh my God.” I think I’d get along great with the editors of this show.

After the PoV meeting, Rachel is “humble” as always, crowing about how she always gets her way because Cassi is going instead of Dominic. Go eat some slop, WAITRESS! Shelly then cries a lot, even though she knows she’s safe because she’s actually a good person. She’s also upset with herself because she knows she lied by not telling Cassi that she was one of the newbies who voted to evict Keith. Jordan is also a good person because she cries about having to nominate them.

The fireworks fly when Cassi talks to Rachel, wanting to know why she’s going home. Rachel explains that it’s because she heard that Cassi wanted one of the veteran couples to go home. First of all, Cassi says she’s the only person actually being honest, which she is. Then Rachel criticizes Cassi’s gameplay and Rachel asks why Cassi didn’t win HoH this week. Cassi says she tried, and Rachel says, “But you didn’t.” That’s the kind of catty comment Cassi was pointing out.

Rachel doesn’t understand it, and then Rachel complains about how Cassi is playing the victim and a bunch of other stuff that is more applicable to Rachel herself. Cassi then chats to Brendon and he is insanely condescending about how to play the game.

What it boils down to is that Brendon and Rachel have decided, without any basis in reality, that Cassi is always lying, so there’s absolutely nothing she can say or do to convince them otherwise. The worst part is that Brendon and Rachel were both hated their season and went out in ninth and sixth places, so it’s not like they’re masters of gameplay and strategy. I don’t want to hate on Brenchel in every single article I write about Big Brother 13, but they make it impossible not to by being so hate-able.

Chen Time:

Adam thanks Dominic for winning the PoV and saving them, and in a great moment, Cassi jokingly “thanks” him as well for being the reason she’s going home. ZING!

Adam and Dom:

We get a look at the home lives of these unlikely partners. Adam’s girlfriend Fara is adorable and it’s impressive to see him one year ago, 100 pounds heavier. Dominic’s best friend Dana sells him out big-time as a 25-year-old virgin with a super crazy Tiger Mom who home-schooled him and never let him sleep over anywhere.

Chen and Jordan:

In their private chat, Jordan is open about how Brenchel is good to be on their side now, but she knows they’ll need to get rid of them soon. Jordan and Jeff aren’t even in the same state, so Jordan has no desire for marriage or babies anytime soon.

Nominee Speeches:

Cassi is gracious and sends much love to Shelly. Shelly is also nice. Ugh, where are the crazy, funny, angry speeches?

Rachel votes to evict…CASSI
Brendon votes to evict…CASSI
Jeff votes to evict…CASSI
Adam votes to evict…CASSI
Dominic votes to evict…CASSI
Daniele votes to evict…CASSI
Kalia votes to evict…CASSI
Lawon votes to evict…CASSI
Porsche votes to evict…CASSI


Come on, not even a pity vote? The veterans have way too much power over the HGs this season. In the post-eviction interview, Cassi is way too nice and unwilling to actually call out Rachel. Damn it, stop being so darn nice! Rachel is still mean and professes that she doesn’t like Cassi in her goodbye message. Wow, Cassi is trying so hard to stay classy, and Rachel is just proving her right by being such a massive beeyotch to the last minute.

HoH Competition

This week we get our first quick, totally random quiz as the HGs must answer questions based on what America thinks of them. If you get one wrong, you’re eliminated.

Kalia is out first.
Jeff is out second.
Adam, Lawon, and Dominic are out next.

Ugh, the final two are Rachel and Brendon. This is disgusting.

Rachel wins HoH again!

OMG, I HATE this season sooooo much! The only good thing is that Rachel also won two early HoHs last season, and then went out in week 5, so I pray the same thing will happen here.

But seriously, we need to go through another whole week of Rachel gloating about how amazing she is and how she has all the power? It’s like my worst nightmare.

Kill me now.

On the bright side, a “celebrity” is coming into the house, presumably to host a competition. Also, next week the game changes again, probably beyond the fact that the couples split up and play as individuals.

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