'Big Brother 11' Recap: The Second Person Evicted Is...
'Big Brother 11' Recap: The Second Person Evicted Is...
It's been a bad week in the Big Brother house for anyone who likes good triumphing over evil and logic triumphing over irrationality.  First the duplicitous Ronnie won HoH, then he turned on the calm, level headed HGs, aligning himself with the bullies.

Jeff won the PoV and gave Ronnie a chance to atone and backdoor Russell, which was exactly what everyone in the house wanted him to do.  He told everyone that's what he would do.  Then he didn't, seemingly for no reason at all, meaning for the second week in a row a popular girl is going home.

After the token 75 hour recap that chronicles the history of the universe, from the big bang to Jordan going up as a replacement nominee, Prego Chen-o welcomes us wearing a shiny orange blouse that makes her look like a space pumpkin.

The narrator says, "Jessie tried to be the voice of reason."  The Big Brother narrator needs to be paid more, because he managed to say that without cracking up.

Post-PoV, Laura is well aware of the fact that she's going home because she's so much smarter than Jordan.  Even Jeff has no problem telling Jordan to her face that Laura is smarter, but luckily for him, Jordan is way too stupid to realize how badly she's being insulted.

Jordan is infatuated with Jeff, who she calls a boy version of herself.  Wow, that girl is 17 kinds of stupid.

Laura, who is incredibly smart, sees the writing on the wall so she goes to Ronnie to convince him that Jordan and Jeff are a pair and she is just one person.  I am so in love with Laura.

Ronnie offers Laura's proposal to his gang, and they aren't having any of it.  Ronnie decides to try to blame Russell by saying he's siding with Laura against Jordan.  Why the hell is Ronnie still playing this dumb hand?  He tells them he regrets not putting Russell up, but there was absolutely nothing stopping him.

Ronnie is like a poker player who bluffs at the pot, gets called, bluffs again, gets called, and then tries to bluff again.  Dude, you're going to get called, and you're going to lose the hand, so just fold your damn cards already.

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-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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