'American Idol' Top 8 Recap: Ladies' Night (Page 1/2)
'American Idol' Top 8 Recap: Ladies' Night (Page 1/2)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
I sincerely hope by the end of tonight's American Idol I feel inspired to sing Kool & The Gang's classic song "Ladies' Night," rather than  reaching for the Tylenol.

With four eliminations down, we've almost gotten rid of the contestants who can't sing, and certainly a couple who could. So, I'm hopeful that the only tone deaf singing that will happen tonight will be me at 6pm cawing, "Oh yes it's ladies night. And the feeling's right. Oh yes it's ladies night. Oh what a night." Lucky for you, and the rest of America, that will be a private performance that only my cats will be tortured with.

Tonight, the remaining eight ladies will take the stage to tackle Billboard's Hottest Singles, again. This is almost as boring as John Park's song choice...but, hopefully this week at least one of them will take my advice:

That means: no retro songs for Katie Stevens and something, anything, that doesn't make Lacey Brown sound like a drunk woman attempting Bjork at karaoke. Watch along with me live as we see what the ladies sing and if "Ladies' Night" will have us proclaiming, "Oh what a night" or "Oh what a fright!"

By the looks of the introduction, my gray haired goddess Lilly Scott was gifted the pimp spot and I am totally okay with that.

Katie Stevens

"Break Away" by Kelly Clarkson

Well, at least Katie went for a contemporary song tonight, but I think singing a Kelly Clarkson song on this stage is stepping in dangerous territory. Especially if you're a teenager and have a shaky voice. Plus, no offense to Kelly and this song, which I love, but the tempo is still a little slow to wake me up from the nap that Katie's performances have had me in all season. The long notes show off Katie's weaknesses and none of her strengths. It's just too big of a song for a little girl so it came across as karaoke, not bad karaoke, but karaoke all the same.

Simon Says (Best Judges' Comment): "You kind of sucked....the energy out of it and made it kind of gloomy."

Safe, Shaky, or Should Be Packing: Should be packing -- it's just been one too many shaky performances for Katie.

Siobhan Magnus
"House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals

Hmmm...I love this song and it's been done a bunch already this season, I'm not sure I would've chosen this tune for Siobhan but she says it is meaningful to her and I'm eager to see what she does with it.

Siobhan starts out acapella, no band to back her or cover any shakiness in her vocals, a risky choice if there ever was one on Idol. But that's what I love most about Siobhan, she takes risks every single time she steps on stage. Will "House of the Rising Sun" be one that pays off? I'm not so sure, I got goose bumps, but the performance started off slow, suffered from pitch issues at the end and didn't even hint at one of those "holy wow" notes.

Simon Says: "We offer you advice and I don't think you take it at all, keep doing it. That's what is hot," says Randy. Simon's on my side though, "I was under impressed, there were no moments in that."

Safe, Shaky or Should Be Packing:  Shaky -- if the rest of the quirky indie girls flail, she'll be safe. If they do well, she could be in trouble.

Lacey Brown

"The Story" by Brandi Carlile

Having seen Brandi Carlile rise from local favorite to a national sensation, I'm nervous for Lacey...and for Brandi's song. But Lacey's vocals are stronger than they've ever been and she gets the emotion and slight twang that Brandi so expertly conveys down pat. She's still a off on her highest notes and the song is a bit sleepy, but it was world's better than anything she's done so far. If America has kept Lacey around this far, I would be shocked if this absolutely passable performance sent her home.

Simon Says:  Kara says "it was a brilliant and you are back on your path." Simon says "I didn't love the song, but it was like listening to something on the radio."

Safe, Shaky or Should Be Packing: Safe

Katelyn Epperly
"I Feel The Earth Move" by Carole King

Katelyn Epperly doing Carole King? Interesting. Early in the audition process I compared season 9's curly haired cutie to King unfavorably, she looked like her but didn't have the chops to sound like her. However, Katelyn has improved and "I Feel The Earth Move" shows off Katelyn's sultry side and piano skills. Thing is, it is almost impossible to not make this song sound like the soundtrack for a '70s lounge complete with lava lamp -- and I think Katelyn definitely suffers that fate. Was it well performed? Absolutely. Were the vocals the best of the night so far? Absolutely. But it was still too groovy snoozy and Katelyn could be in trouble. Why oh why didn't you take my advice Katelyn? Two words: Fiona. Apple. Two more: Regina. Spektor.

Simon Says:  "Let me start with a positive, I like your hair. On the downside, it was kind of like request night on a Friday night at a restaurant."

Safe, Shaky or Should Be Packing: Shaky: that performance was two big steps back for Katelyn.