'American Idol' Results Recap: Can We Start Over? (Page 1/2)
'American Idol' Results Recap: Can We Start Over? (Page 1/2)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Usually, I look forward to elimination nights on reality TV shows about as much as I look forward to a trip to the dentist. Why? Well, I worry about the dreams that I'm about to witness being crushed on stage and that it might be one of my favorites who is sent packing. Usually I'm asking, Can't you just eliminate one person instead of two? But there's nothing usual about tonight's American Idol elimination, where I find myself wondering: instead of four people, can't we send home ten instead?

Sure, you can blame the poor performance of the Top 24 on nerves, but in every other season of Idol,semi-finalists were nervous too and never have I seen such an uninspiring introduction. Right now, I'm looking at 24 contestants who have bright futures as wedding singers, buskers and stars of cruise ship reviews. There were performances I liked, even performances I liked a lot, but I'm not sure there was a single performance that wowed me. And definitely not a single one that made me sit up and say, "now that's a super star." 

Tonight four of the Top 24 will be eliminated and we have some thoughts on who'll be sent packing. Watch along with me live as we learn the fates of the Top 24, Kris Allen sings a song for Haiti, my favorite red-haired-rocker from season 8 returns, and we learn whose been the first sacrifices at the Idol altar.  C'mon now, be honest, who do you think will be the first
to go?

It's an especially dramatic Idol intro tonight with shadowy lighting and an extra long pause between "This Is" and "American Idol" by Ryan Seacrest. Over 24 million votes came in this week and as much as I'd like to believe it, they didn't all call in to save Lacey Brown or to vote for Lilly Scott.

Top 24 Group - "American Boy" by Estelle

I'm sure the Top 12 guys are thrilled to be singing this song. The ladies are loving it, well everyone except Crystal Bowersox, who looks like she hates the choreography with every natural fiber of her being. As for positives, everyone sounds much better when they're singing in a Glee style group. That being saidl, even the group song was a bit loungey and old fashioned for my taste. I'm ready to find the NEXT super star, not one that would've also been adored by parents in the early '60s who thought Elvis' hips were the spawn of Satan.

Group Song Grade: C-

Time to learn the fate of a few of the ladies, we'll list 'em as they come. With some quick parenthetical quips.

Siobhan Magnus: SAFE (glory be for that)
Haeley Vaughn: SAFE
(not surprising, but not exciting)
Michelle Delamor: SAFE
(obviously, she's the great diva hope of season 9)
Katelyn Epperly: SAFE
  (happily, she was my surprise favorite of the Tuesday)

So it's down to Katie Stevens and Janell Wheeler, which means goodbye Janell based on the pre-season and first night pimp spot for Katie Stevens. Not to mention, the swallowing of  all that was good about Janell and her voice by that monster of a Heart song.

Katie Stevens: SAFE
Janell Wheeler: GOING HOME

It might not be surprising, but it's still disappointing. I really liked Janell, I just wish she lived up to the magic we saw during her first audition of "House of a Rising Sun." I thought she might be a finalist, instead she's our first casualty. Kind of makes me hate you, America.

Idol Expert Anoop Desai Fantasy TV Watch:

Anoop's batting 1000 so far, he chose Janell for elimination tonight.

Guest Performance: Alison Iraheta

Alison Iraheta is taking the stage to perform her new single "Scars" so I expect to be wowed by vocals for the first time all season right about now. So American Idol Top 24, this is how you do a ballad that sounds modern, with old fashioned sensibilities. Save the ridiculous bustle on the back of her skirt and lace fingerless gloves, I like everything about Alison's performance. If I were the Top 12 girls and listening to Alison singing and realizing she didn't win, I might be peeing my pants.