And our American Idol expert is…

season 8’s Anoop “Dawg” Desai.

Every week Anoop will be sharing his insights on the performances and who he thinks will be sent packing come results night. Not only will he be sharing his insights, he’ll be competing with you in our Fantasy TV league where you have a chance to show your American Idol dominance against a true expert, for some awesome prizes in our FantasyTV Contest.

To get the games going, Anoop shared what makes him a qualified Idol expert, doles some advice out to the Top 24 and let’s us in on who his early pre-season favorite is.

What insights do you think you can bring BuddyTV readers as they make their FantasyTV picks?

“American Idol is about so much more than the singing. It’s about how much poise you have under the most pressure-filled situation of your life. As a former contestant and someone who deals with the music industry from the artist’s point of view on a daily basis, I know what this is like. I’ll share this insight weekly.”

What week do you think is most difficult for Idol Contestants?

“For me, it was Disco Week. For many, though, the most difficult theme week is the one that focuses on a contestant’s forte. You have to do your style better than anyone else that week, and sometimes that can backfire.”

Do you have any early favorites after watching the Auditions and Hollywood week?

“Didi Benami.”

Can you think of any songs every contestant should stay away from?

“There’s always the potential to put a new spin on a song and make it amazing.”

What are your initial thoughts on what Ellen will bring this season as the new Idol judge?

“Ellen is a great addition to the panel. Funny, smart, and strong, she commands the judging desk so far.”

So remember, check back every results show morning to see Anoop’s Fantasy TV picks and to hear who he thought soared and who sank during the performance show. Let the games officially begin!

Abbey Simmons

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV