Lone Gunmen

Season 1, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 10/24/2012
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From the CW: “Oliver is surprised when someone shoots and kills one of his targets. As his plan is to bring people to justice vs. outright killing them, Oliver doesn’t appreciate the help and searches for the gunman. He soon learns that the man, Deadshot, is taking out businessmen who are scheduled to bid at an auction on an energy company and Walter is one of the bidders. Realizing he can’t protect his family and stop Deadshot at the same time, Oliver enlists Detective Lance’s help, but his plan has dire consequences. Meanwhile, Laurel and Tommy get caught in an awkward situation with Oliver.”

‘Arrow‘ Recap: Oliver Brings Arrows to a Gun Fight

We knew Oliver Queen was a ruthless and efficient vigilante. But we didn‘t really know how the young man stacked up against other individualistic killing types before. Thanks to "The Lone Gunman" episode of Arrow, we have learned just how truly badass Oliver can be. Arrows beat guns on this show. Check out our Arrow recap for proof!
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