You know how they say that a villain sees himself as the hero in his own story? The Arrow episode of “The Dragon” sets out to prove that with regard to Ricardo Diaz. Can the season’s big bad villain be a hero or is someone else ultimately more heroic?


While Diaz’s actions may not be heroic in the classic sense, they can be seen that way when looked at with the proper perspective. He does, after all, face down lifelong demons (or dragons) and come out on top. Sure, that involves killing many people in hand-to-hand combat, via explosive devices, with fire, and by shooting them in the head. But no one ever said self-actualization was easy.

Whether all of this emotional work and personal growth count as heroic, however, remains a question. Diaz may see himself as the hero in his own story, but this story is Arrow. The bar is a bit higher.

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Evil Laurel is a hero? Is that possible?

“The Dragon” makes a decent case for the Black Siren to have truly heroic qualities while still remaining a villain. For one thing, her loyalty to Diaz is impressive. Even though the Dragon never bothers explaining himself until after the fact, Laurel stands by him throughout the adventure and keeps Diaz alive.

Laurel is also responsible for taking out most of the Quadrant thugs and FBI flunkies. Diaz may get a few key kills, but it is Laurel who racks up the body count. Her hair even remains perfect throughout!

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Felicity and Curtis

It may be grasping at straws, but we have to laud any collaboration and decency between former members of Team Arrow these days. Felicity and Curtis have always been friends. Now, they seem ready to embrace that old dynamic with only the required minimum of complaining about Oliver. Even the most basic of courtesy seems heroic at this point on Arrow.

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