Kris Jenner

Season 18, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 3/7/2012
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From the CW: "Some of the models resist getting make-overs and a few of them are unhappy with their new looks. The women take part in an unusual photo shoot where they have to model as toddlers while posing with Kris as well as her daughters Kendall and Kylie."

‘America‘s Next Top Model: British Invasion‘ Recap: Shaken Babies

Greetings, Top Model fans! My apologies for not being here last week to recap the premiere -- but I watched it as soon as I got back from vacation (priorities!), and I still have some lingering thoughts to share, namely on the premise of this cycle in general. Well first of all, I‘d just like to congratulate Tyra on doing what I‘m pretty sure none of us thought was possible, and that is making it to 18 (EIGHTEEN!) cycles of ANTM. She‘s milked this thing so far past its expiration date that it‘s just straight up cheese now. And yet ... this cycle shows real promise! Not because a forced modeling rivalry between Brits and Americans is inherently interesting, because it‘s not. It‘s not even logical. I doubt anyone is ready to throw down and claim that the national cultural differences between young, pretty British girls and young, pretty American girls as filtered through the fascinating, complex world of modeling was a topic that really needed to be explored -- especially by that notoriously fair and insightful sociologist, Tyra Banks. 
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