In this episode of America’s Next Top Model, titled “Beauty is Personality,” the girls create avatars that reflect their personalities, Jeana’s attitude worsens and the women perform in a music video. 

It’s down to the top five models, which means it’s down to some very strong personalities. This is the best segue Tyra could come up with for the next challenge, which also happens to promote one of her business ventures, the America’s Next Top Model mobile game. This allows everyone to become a virtual top model and build their own empire. Players also get tips from Tyra herself and assorted industry pros.

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Cyber Fierce

Tyra tasks the girls with creating their own avatars and presenting the finished products to Law and the creator of the game, David Ortiz. The girls each get a smartphone and 15 minutes to take an avatar and transform it into a version of themselves. This includes choosing hair, makeup and clothes. They’ll get to jet set around the world, meeting fashionistas as they smize their way into becoming a famous top model. 

The women also have to build backstories so the girls’ personalities can really shine through. The winner gets to go to one of LA’s top showrooms and work with a stylist who’ll pull a look that the girl will wear all day, including to the judges’ panel — and that stylist is Law. Also, the winner of America’s Next Top Model cycle 24 will see her avatar make it into the game. 

Each of the girls introduces her avatar:

Rio’s is a Detroit girl turned LA woman turned ANTM winner. She’s got sass, Rio’s signature move of an imaginary hair flip, and Rio would like her to have Rio’s “battle scar,” the result of her brain surgery to remove a tumor. 

Kyla’s avatar is fun, educated and all about equality and activism. Ortiz and Law like the idea but wish Kyla was more enthusiastic about her presentation.

Shanice’s avatar is from the streets of Tennessee. During the day, she lives with her mom, but at night, she becomes “Sha-nasty.” 

Khrystyana decides that the best way to win is to make her avatar as authentic as possible, meaning she’s excited about everything! She’s also able to throw out some Russian catch phrases, which is a definite plus for a global game. Law wants to play just so he can hang with Khrystyana.

Jeana foresees her avatar as an “alienist bald beauty.” Since Jeana is the smallest girl in the competition, she dresses her cyber look-alike in all black to make her look taller. Law and Ortiz think Jeana’s presentation is a miss. They think it lacks personality. It’s just a little too serious for Law.

Khrystyana and Rio are called out as the top two. The woman who brings the biggest personality from a game perspective is Khrystyana, who chalks up her fifth challenge win. 

Jeana is super salty about the loss. She doesn’t like being told that she’s got no personality by someone who doesn’t even know her. Jeana tells the camera that Law is a “sassy little bitch” who likes bitches. Then, girl, you should have had this in the bag.

Oh, How the Mighty Fall

Rio’s feeling pretty untouchable since she’s gotten best photo three times. When Kyla talks about how epic it is to be in the top five, and how everyone is feeling stressed and struggling, Rio disagrees. She thinks she’s doing just fine. Rio continues to get on Shanice and Kyla’s nerves. Kyla knows all the girls have something they’re insecure about, and that includes Rio. 

Jeana, on the other hand, has lost a bit of her swagger. Khrystyana hears Jeana crying and tries to comfort her. This is in spite of the fact that Jeana’s been throwing attitude her way. Jeana confides in Khrystyana that she’s feeling a bit defeated after the challenge. It can be tough to learn that you don’t have much of a personality, I guess. Jeana equates having a personality with “acting a fool.” Jeana’s determined not to leave, and if that means giving the other girls the cold shoulder and being a bitch, so be it. 

The girls shoot a fashion music video and are reunited with Director X. He warns the girls that they’re really going to have to get into character and take some risks to get the perfect shot. The song for the video, “Lake Shrine,” was created by a friend of Tyra’s, Maejor. 

The scene is set at a dinner party, which proves to be a little dull and conservative, until Maejor decides to get things popping. That will transition into the solo set-ups with new hair, new make-up and some wild action for all the women. 

Even though it’s the girls’ jobs to appear bored at the beginning of the video, Director X has issues with Rio and Jeana’s performances. Going in, Rio felt unstoppable, but her confidence wanes. Shanice thinks both girls are getting what they deserve since Jeana and Rio often act like they’ve already got the competition in the bag. Karma is a bitch.

The pressure increases when Tyra shows up for her cameo in the video. Kyla, Khrystyana and Shanice all get praise, but when it comes to Rio and Jeana, Director X has got nothing nice to say. For the first time, Rio feels like she’s failed. 

The time comes to get crazy. The girls go high fashion. Kyla is owning this challenge and Rio feels threatened. She’s got to step up her game. 

Jeana doesn’t get much feedback from Director X, which she takes as a bad sign. She hopes she gets another opportunity to stand out. Jeana also ices out Khrystyana, who’s confused since she thought they were becoming friends. 

Rio continues to struggle. She couldn’t pull off prim and proper or crazy. The cocky Rio vanishes and is replaced by a crying mess. 

Khrystyana suffers a wardrobe malfunction when her shoe breaks, and she happens to look over at Jeana, who gives her a cold, nasty smirk. Khrystyana gets the impression that Jeana thinks she deserved the stroke of bad luck, and that’s not okay.

It wouldn’t be a cheesy video without a hot-girl pillow fight, so Shanice and Khrystyana act out every frat boy fantasy, and then to their surprise, Jeana just jumps into the shot. Not only does Jeana attempt to steal the take, but she also gets pretty physical with Shanice and Khrystyana. 

Khrystyana doesn’t consider herself a confrontational person, but she feels like she has to speak up about Jeana’s bad attitude. Jeana denies taking pleasure in Khrystyana’s shoe breaking and claims that Director X told her to get in the shot. Shanice and Khrystyana question Jeana’s intentions.

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Judges’ Panel

The panel has a guest judge, Director X. The girls get to see the finished music video. Then it’s time for individual evaluations.

Kyla can barely contain her crush on Director X. He’s flattered, but the man is 41, and Kyla is just a baby. It does lighten the mood at panel — temporarily, at least.

Law thinks Kyla’s attraction to Director X is exactly what she needed to bring out her femininity. (He’s previously said that Kyla needs to get laid.) Tyra sees a huge improvement in Kyla. 

Khrystyana looks very stylish, wearing a silver sequined skirt and gray off-the-shoulder sweater chosen for her by Law. Khrystyana really hit the jackpot, scoring five new outfits. Drew finds Khrystyana’s video performance sexy and fun. Tyra sees a model who can act too. 

Tyra criticizes Jeana for playing it safe. Law says Jeana needs to transcend just being the bald girl. He advises her to push past the physicality and make it about the person. 

Drew and Director X agree that Rio failed miserably at the beginning of the video. Tyra worries that Rio’s moving in the wrong direction. 

Tyra wants Shanice to work on “holding the moment” because she has a tendency to fizzle out. Law disagrees. He finds Shanice dreamy. Drew loved Shanice during the pillow fight, and this comment allows Shanice to bring up Jeana’s unexpected appearance. Shanice also tattles on Jeana for pushing her and Khrystyana around. 

Director X confirms that he put Jeana in the scene. He actually wanted all of the girls to be wild, but some had already changed out of their wardrobes. Jeana insists that the pushes weren’t coming from a spiteful place. She was just in character. Tyra tells the girls to handle that business at home.

Khrystyana gets best performance. Rio and Jeana are in the bottom two. Tyra comments that while the other girls are progressing, Rio and Jeana are treading water. Jeana is eliminated.

Do you feel sorry for Jeana? Was her poor attitude her undoing? Should Rio have gone home instead? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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