In this episode of America’s Next Top Model, titled “Beauty is Commercial,” the final four design an ad campaign for Pantene, Jeana plays dirty, Khrystyana and Kyla get a big surprise and the finalists are chosen.

'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Which Contestants Make It to the Finals?

After a last-minute twist brought back Jeana and sent Rio packing, the “true” final four have been chosen: Shanice, Khrystyana, Jeana and Kyla. The vibe in the house is definitely three against one, with Jeana being the odd woman out. Jeana’s not worried about making friends; she’s all about winning. And to do that, she’s ready to be “savage.”

A “Hairy” Situation

We’re reminded again about what a big opportunity this is for Shanice, who is convinced if she doesn’t win, her only other option is to return to Tennessee and sell shoes. Also feeling the pressure is Khrystyana, who is still dealing with the aftermath of her confession about being molested as a young girl, something her own mother doesn’t know. The two are very tight, and Khrystyana know she has to tell her mother because the secret is eating her up. 

The winner of America’s Next Top Model will receive $100,000 from Pantene. So for the next challenge, each girl gets her own Pantene product, around which she has to build a campaign. They get one hour to pick their props, determine hair, makeup, styling and to figure out their campaign. They’ll also be responsible for picking their own photo. 

Jeana uses a wig because as the Pantene bigwig on set points out, human hair wigs need to be treated just like human hair. 

There’s lots of chatter about Pantene products because this challenge is basically a great PR opportunity. Pantene plans to get the most out of that hundred grand. 

Khrystyana notices that Jeana is stepping on her toes. Jeana chooses a blond wig — going for a modern take on Marilyn Monroe — and even replicates a mole that Khrystyana has on her face. Khrystyana also finds herself battling Jeana for props. 

The girls pose, and then it’s time to choose the photo they want to present. Kyla’s not happy with any of her pictures and winds up bursting into tears. One person who has zero sympathy for Kyla is Jeana.

Each girl has to explain the reasoning behind her photo choice. Everyone gets a critique, and nobody particularly hits it the challenge out of the park. But one contestant does do a good job in personifying the strength and beauty the client is looking for: Khrystyana. As the winner, Khrystyana gets to pick a friend — she chooses Kyla — and the girls will get a special surprise from Pantene. 

Shanice feels that she was at a disadvantage because of her psoriasis, and she’s sick of everyone else winning. There’s a lot of whining going on in the house, thanks to Kyla and Shanice.


Kyla and Khrystyana are thrilled to learn that their special prize is a surprise visit from their mothers. Kyla’s mother used to model but put her dreams aside when she got pregnant at 20. Kyla’s mom is her bestie, and this is the longest Kyla’s been away from home. 

It’s a short visit, but Khrystyana is determined to use the time to tell her mom about the molestation. The Russian beauty hopes to win so she can use her fame as a platform to talk about sexual abuse.

The Biggest Shoot of All

It’s all about Pantene again for the photo shoot. The goal is to create a high-end editorial. The women represent the same products they did for the challenge. For one of them, their photo will become part of an actual campaign. 

Drew tells the camera that this shoot is critical since Pantene is a major ANTM partner. They’ve done a lot of editorial shoots this season, but for this one, they really need to get the commercial element. This is where the final four have to shine.

Jeana goes blonde again, and she also does a great job of psyching Khrystyana out by standing by and doing her best to distract her toughest competition. Khrystyana becomes incredibly paranoid about Jeana stealing her poses. She’s fed-up and doesn’t trust Jeana at all.

Shanice gets the makeover she’s been dying for, and Drew thinks it’s the best her hair has looked during the entire competition. The new ‘do isn’t enough for Shanice to escape a lot of direction from Drew. 

Jeana has trouble toning down the sexiness. In spite of the constant corrections, Jeana still feels she did well. 

Judges’ Panel

Along with the usual judges, there’s a special guest: designer Philipp Plein. Philipp is there because the final three will be walking in his runway show. Philipp’s on hand to evaluate which three girls he wants representing his line. 

Drew thinks Shanice’s photo proves that she can be commercial, even though it’s not what he would choose for Pantene. Ashley sees potential in the photo, while Law finds it to be great. Overall, Tyra’s not impressed with Shanice’s film. 

Drew and Ashley straight-up do not like Jeana’s photo, finding it too posed and too sexy. That’s not what the brand wanted, and that was the real challenge. Law is irritated that Jeana didn’t know the brand. She should have been fun, flirty and relatable, not a “sex siren.” Philipp makes it clear that he likes sex, everybody likes sex, and sex sells. 

Ashley praises Kyla and comments that she looks like a “Pantene angel” in her photo. Law gives Kyla props for coming to set and getting the job done. Drew loves it, but Philipp finds Kyla a litte boring. He’s the only one who isn’t a Kyla fan.

Khrystyana manages to strike the perfect balance between sexy and natural. Ashley finds the picture ageless and thinks it speaks to the masses. Drew likes the shot but doesn’t believe it’s Khrystyana’s best. 

The winner of the best campaign is Kyla. Shanice and Jeana are in the bottom two. Jeana thinks she’s eliminated but gets a reprieve. She’s got a huge admirer in Philipp Plein, who basically saved her ass. 

Next up for the girls is a fitting with Philipp, who will assess their potential. Tyra reminds the girls that anyone can be cut at any time, so they all need to bring their A-games. 


Should Jeana have been eliminated? Will all four girls make it down the runway? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

The cycle 24 finale of America’s Next Top Model airs Tuesday, April 10 at 8/7c on VH1.


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