In this episode of America’s Next Top Model, titled “Beauty is Real,” the women go on castings and two women earn spots in a runway show, Shanice goes full-on diva during a photo shoot and the pressure mounts as the number of competitors dwindles. 

There are only six contestants left in the competition. Kyla realizes how lucky she is to still be in the running since she’s been in the bottom two twice. She knows she needs to bring it or she’ll be the next to go home. Also appreciative is Shanice, who won best photo. Like Brendi, she comes from a very poor background, and she’s determined to make it out of her old neighborhood. She feels like there’s a weight on her shoulders, but that doesn’t stop her from reveling — a little too much — in her recent victory.

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Divas and Doubts

Jeana walks around the house looking like she just sucked on a lemon. She doesn’t think Shanice should be so cocky and comfortable just because she won best photo one time. Oh, how the mighty have fallen because Jeana thinks she has this whole comp in the bag, in spite of her recent stint in the bottom two. Jeana’s worked for 14 years to get where she is, and she’s frustrated that someone with no experience received best picture.

Jeana’s feeling sorry for herself and worries that she doesn’t know how to progress. She tells the camera that in addition to her alopecia, she’s been in and out of foster care and beaten by foster parents. Having gone through all of that has made the Top Model experience mean that much more to her, and she’s prepared to do whatever it takes to not live like that again. 

Another wannabe model who’s on the chopping block is Erin. The 42-year-old mother is still in the competition, but she hasn’t managed to really stand out. 


Tyra mail reveals that it’s time for the women to take a walk in the real world. Law arrives at the house and informs the ladies that they’ll be going on castings. They’re going to meet with three designers who are looking for models for an upcoming runway show. Each designer will pick one girl, and there’s a chance they’ll all want the same one. Time to leave the ANTM bubble. 

Law’s job is to get these newbies ready by checking out their walks and making sure they don’t leave the house looking like a hot mess. Law is not impressed with Shanice’s walk, calling it “nasty.” Shanice doesn’t see a problem, which is going to wind up being a problem. 

Law introduces the women to the new faces agent at Next Management, Jerrold Blackwell. He hands over the girls’ portfolios for them to take on the castings. This is the guy everyone wants to impress because the winner of America’s Next Top Model gets a contract with Next Management. 

The women are separated into two groups. Group one is Kyla, Erin and Rio; and group two is Shanice, Jeana and Khrystyana. 

The first designer is Chris Mena, whose line is called Kunst.NYC. His clothes are made from recyclable materials. He likes his pieces to feel “broken in” as if he’s been wearing them for years. 

Chris is impressed by Jeana, who he finds to be “chill” and who fits the brand aesthetic. In general, Chris looks for models who are relaxed but also have attitude. 

Barbara Strasmore is the creative director and owner of the clothing line Band of Gypsies. The clothes are feminine with a bit of romance going on. Strasmore is looking for models who are feminine yet strong. Strasmore feels Rio and Kyla are both very B.O.G. Erin comes out very confident with a lot of personality, but it doesn’t seem to play well with the creative forces behind the brand. Erin feels like the mood in the room is dead, so she’s taking Law’s advice to liven things up. She wonders what she has to do to impress the designers. 

Strasmore thinks Jeana is striking, but the clothes just don’t fit. Jeana is petite by industry standards, and it’s hard to fake tall in person as opposed to in a photograph. 

The last designer is Maggie Barry. She describes her aesthetic as a “little edgy” and a “little unique.” She has worked with some big names, including Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

The two groups come together at the Barry casting, and Kyla’s immediately intimidated having to go up against Jeana and Khrystyana, who are such strong competitors. Kyla has reason to worry because Barry gushes over Khrystyana. 

Shanice’s performance is a bit crazy and over the top. Jeana thinks Shanice is ridiculous. She also brags to the camera that she’s got the best walk in the house, and she knows she’s got this in the bag. 

Law and Blackwell show up to announce who will walk in the runway show, which will happen immediately. Rio books Kunst.NYC. Barry’s faves were Rio and Jeana, but because of her height, Barry was concerned about Jeana walking the runway, so Rio comes out on top again. Erin learns that she stood out at Band of Gypsies but not in a good way. Strasmore found Erin to be a bit “too extra.” Kyla books the B.O.G. Kyla and Rio don’t only get to walk in the show; they also get to keep a look from each designer. 

Kyla and Rio make a strong impression at the show, earning praise from Law and Blackwell, if not from their fellow competitors.

Back at the house, Shanice worries that she’s in for a world of hurt from Law at the upcoming panel because of her walk. Shanice asks for advice but doesn’t appreciate it when Jeana does some coaching. Jeana can’t figure out what Shanice’s problem is, but she claims not to care. Jeana just hopes Shanice goes home soon.

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Makeover 2.0

The women are shooting a cover for Paper magazine. The winner of America’s Next Top Model will have her cover published digitally. Drew explains that Paper is known for taking A-list celebrities and transforming them, so that’s what the women will be doing. Drew come up with drastic transformations for the girls: Kyla’s going to be a cyber-sexy beauty; Khrystyana will be going dark, slick and androgynous; he plans to accentuate Jeana’s bald beauty; Erin’s going to be more ’90s hip-hop; Rio will be a ’50s dream girl; and Shanice is going to become red-carpet ready.

Shanice is excited to finally get the long hair she wanted so badly during the makeovers, but she’s not happy with the end result. Because of her skin condition, she can’t get extensions, and she’s not thrilled with the wig because it looks fake. She begins complaining in the chair, and when she’s dressed and ready, Drew isn’t happy with the outcome either. He sends Shanice back to hair and makeup. Shanice is further annoyed by the last-minute changes. 

Shanice winds up with a blonde bob, but she continues to complain about her look. Drew loves Shanice, but he’s not a fan of her problematic behavior on set. She’s nervous about her look when she should be nervous about her performance. Drew advises Shanice to let him control the fashion shoot, not her. 

Kyla struggles to understand her character while Erin is too much into hers, forgetting to model. 

Juges’ Panel

It’s time to cut the six down to five.

Tyra describes Jeana’s photos as Gollum meets Natalie Portman meets Frozen, and she loves it. Law is a fan of androgyny. To him, that’s what fashion is all about, and he feels Jeana could be a poster child for that. 

The shot Drew chose as Erin’s best was her first because she was unable to take him to any new dimension. Law thinks Erin’s photo is mediocre, but Tyra likes the shot. She feels the sass.

Ashley thinks there’s still something missing with Kyla. Tyra tells Kyla that her features wear her and not the other way around — she’s not in control. Law thinks Kyla would benefit from getting laid. Tyra disagrees, arguing that she was able to be sexy in pictures when she was still a virgin. 

Tyra and Ashley are very excited by Khrystyana’s photo. Tyra calls the photo “#NextLevelFierce-ness.” Khrystyana manages to look androgynous and beautiful, according to Graham. Law isn’t happy with how Khrystyana has chosen to present herself at panel, but he still loves her.

Drew believes the key to a great cover is eye connection, and Rio accomplishes that. She’s out of her element, but she makes it her element. 

Law immediately calls out Shanice’s “skank” runway walk. He does like her photo but isn’t a fan of the styling, which is a bit too RuPaul’s Drag Race for him. Shanice gets serious criticism from Drew, who feels like this shoot was a disappointing experience from start to finish. Shanice was busy with everything but being the model, and it really pissed him off. Drew warns Shanice that if she ever criticizes a hairstylist on set again, she can walk herself right off. Tyra urges Shanice to reconsider her tone when talking to people. 

Shanice apologizes for offending Drew. He lets her know that she didn’t offend him personally. He just wants all his girls to represent the best they can be professionally; it’s critical.

Rio wins best photo. Shanice and Erin are in the bottom two, and Erin is eliminated.

Are you bummed that the oldest contestant was sent home? Is it possible for a woman in her 40’s to beat younger girls? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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